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I know this has been addressed here before and believe me I checked read and tried out all of the suggestions posted here on this board (minus the one that said you should move the /form closing tag in the smart.cgi, since the post didn't specify the location where it should be moved and I don't want to mess up the script with trying!) but still to no avail.

It's the only main thing not working, since I get confirmation emails and all. My final page after ordering (ie. inserting all data, customer name, shipping address, payment etc.) is show the cart review but it doesn't even add "You have successfully ordered" and it only shows on top the two select menus and below the same table with the items in the cart.

I am testing the basic version of smart, I also downloaded the 3.1 but first I'd like to get a hang of the simple cart (there's a lot more files in the 3.1!) - I reckon this problem has been solved in the 3.1 new version, as most of the other problems. I still have to get through all the files though so I'd prefer to practise on the basic script first.

Also, in the order page, is there a way to make the table of purchased items appear not as a form, so that you can't delete or select, but only as review (if one wants to change they can always press the links in the footer to review the cart)?


-- Monica (, September 08, 2000


Monica, this is a common problem, in fact i had it; the problem with the final order page is mostly because your html files (footer and header), if you are using frontpage it automaticly inserts meta tags to the files and that screw them, do this try: open the originaly html files (from the zip file) and modify them IN A TEXT editor so they won't be messed with the meta tags. If the problem persists post again here.

Greetings Juan Carlos Caracas - Venezuela

-- Juan Carlos Silva (, September 09, 2000.

Thanks Juan but I did that, I did edit all the html files in a text editor, and still the problem persists. I'm trying smartstore 31 by Chuck from CPU net and think this will solve the problem, but first I wanted to try using the simpler basic script !

-- Monica (, September 13, 2000.

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