Kursk Sunk by Missile Fired From Russian Cruiser?

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Thu, 07 Sep 2000, 7:21pm EDT Kursk Sunk by Missile Fired From Russian Cruiser, Paper Says By Thomas Tugendhat

Moscow, Sept. 7 (Bloomberg) -- The Russian nuclear submarine Kursk, sunk Aug. 12 in the Barents Sea with 118 crew aboard, was sent down by a missile fired from a Russian cruiser, Berliner Zeitung reported in its Friday edition, citing an unpublished report by Russia's FSB domestic intelligence service.

The so-called ``granite'' missile, fired from the warship Peter the Great, was equipped with a new, target-seeking warhead. The cruiser registered first one and then a second underwater blast, Berliner Zeitung said.

The FSB report gives no information on why the missile struck the Kursk, Berliner Zeitung said.

The U.S., U.K. and Norwegian navies have said a probable cause of the Kursk's sinking was a torpedo misfiring, exploding inside the submarine and causing other torpedoes to detonate.


-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), September 07, 2000


With all the divergent and constantly changing
stories it shows that the spin doctors are
working overtime. I'll bide my judgement.

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), September 07, 2000.

I think that I'd be listening to how the russians are taking it also. After all! It is only 20 miutes from Russia to the midwest via the ICBM Express!

"As for me...I shall finish the Game"!


-- Shakey (in_a_bunker@forty.feet), September 08, 2000.

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