God and the soldier

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God and the soldier all men adore

In times of trouble, but never before.

But when the wars are won and the wrongs are righted,

God is forgotten and the soldier is slighted. -unknown

-- (bygrace@thru.faith), September 07, 2000


Dear Friend, I believe the words are: God and the Soldier We adore, In times of danger and not before The danger past The wrong is righted God is forgotten and the Soldier slighted

If my memory serves me, the Duke of Marborough is the author -- please let me know if you have another source Thanks, Jack

-- John Wesley Yoest, Jr. (ccyoest@aol.com), December 11, 2000.

I tried a search, and the quote was attributed to "unknown". I did come up with this gem though:

"The bastards have never been bombed like they're going to be bombed this time.

-Richard M. Nixon"


-- Someone (ChimingIn@twocents.cam), December 12, 2000.

It was written by Francis Quarles and although close this is not his exact words.

-- RC (highlandsoldier@hotmail.com), April 22, 2001.

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