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Mike, I hope you don't mind but I'm gonna use one of your examples from your previous thread and ask everyone who they think will support or not support Carter when he returns. I'm sure everyone who was involved in the intervention will be supportive of course but I'm not sure on the others. Just think of the story lines that can come out of this. I have a feeling that Cleo won't be supportive. I'm not sure either way about Dr. Dave but I hope he is. I'm pretty sure Abby will be and all the nurses, I think. We all know Romano won't be, right? The big question to me is will Luka be???? If he's not supportive, imagine the added tension between him and Benton. If he is supportive and him and Carter develope some kind of real friendship, how will Benton react to that being that him and Luka don't get along at all. With all that Luka has been through himself, it's hard for me to say if he will have any compassion and understanding for Carter. Who knows, what do you guys think????

-- Renee (, September 06, 2000


Response to Season 7

I think its a given that the people involved in the intervention will definately be supportive of Carter; after all it will be crucial for them to be since they forced Carter to go to the rehab center. So I think Mark and Kerry will be supportive, but being supervisors, also watchful-- which can be uncomfortable, but they have a right, and Carter would probably understand given the circumstances. Deb would probably be supportive, and more of a friend who he would probably feel comfortable to talk to. And I think that Doctor Benton will also be supportive, though I think that he may find it a bit hard to express what he feels. As for Luka, there are two ways to think about it. He can be pretty judgemental (especially with the Kidney Transplant guy, and also seen in May Day) which may make it hard for him to "accept" Carter. Also, since we're fairly certain that Luka has been through a lot himself, he may feel that it was a bit "weak" of Carter to resort to drugs when he had to deal with a lot of pain and emotional distress himself. It's a natural reaction. On the other hand, I hope they become friends, or maybe develop a closeness because whether or not Luka used drugs, Carter can probably learn many things about dealing with loss, anger, etc, from somebody who has been there, is more experienced, and has dealt with it (or still is). However, I have a feeling that Luka may not be one of the more supportive ones--, we shall see.

About Dr. Dave. I could see Dave supporting Carter, but at the same time making bumbling comments to Carter about his little "vacation". He doesn't seem to be very adept at talking or giving verbal support. Both have developed a kind of friendship, or friendly rivalry which I hope they keep up. The other side, is that Dave, if he finds out, would think of himself as more superior to Carter, or stronger, in a way. I also think it's a given that Romano wont be too supportive of Carter. There's not much he can do, as in fire Carter or anything, but trust him to find a way to make Carter's homecoming some kind of hell.

-- samira (, September 06, 2000.

Well, according to the comments that Paul McCrane made on ETonline about Romano getting mean and nasty again, I have to agree that Romano will NOT be supportive. I think the main reason for this is that he will be so ticked that he was kept out of the process that he will take it out on Carter. I am suprised no one has mentioned Abby. I think she will be one of the most supportive... especially if we see her at AA. I won't be surprised if they develop some type of close relationship over this season. If she has overcome an addiction too then maybe they can help each other (I'm not saying I want them romantically involved). I think this is all a neat dynamic of this story...she is the one who turned him in, but she is also the one who could potentially help him get through this.

-- amanda (, September 07, 2000.

I can't see anyone at the intervention being not supportive of Carter, since Mark insisted that they would be, and Mark is the first person I'll be pissed at if he isn't. I think it would be awesome if Cleo wasn't supportive of Carter, not because I don't like her, but because it would give a better storyline for them than making out in an exam room/on a pool table/in the meds lockup/on her stairs. I would love to see Benton get emotional about all of this, not only because of Carter, but because an emotional attachment to him is not being as supportive as she'd like. So do you suppose everyone will know about this? Will they know befor hand or will we see them all gradually figure it out eventually? I would love to see Dave all cocky and teasing Carter about his vacation, until he finds out the real reason and then tries to be a friend about it. That's usually how it works w/ Dave. If Deb IS pregnant, they can help each other both out. All in all, if some of you can recall, I am waiting for some major Carter support here.

-- Elaine (, September 07, 2000.

What about Elizabeth? She certainly read Dr. Dave the riot act this year - I could see her disapproving of Carter treating patients while impaired. I wonder how Britain reacts to its impaired doctors?

This might make for some interesting tension between Elizabeth and Mark ...

-- Beth (, September 09, 2000.

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