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My question involves the use of RediCart v3.9.5. in conjuction with use of's service. I have created a small ecommerce test site using the RediCart scripts and everything works just fine. My one question is, does anyone know if I have to modify the cgi script to perform the following. Say for example I have a shirt as the product. I would like to include a drop down menu that lists various shirt sizes. Do I need to include some new code in the cgi script? Any help would greatly be appreciated!

-- Colin Roth (, September 06, 2000


We have a script version with not only dorp down option boxes but the boxes have javascript verification forcing the selection of an item in each box and the options may add to the price, weight or both for an item. Check out In the administration demo, select Add new Item and in step #4, look at the Option help " Click Here for help on setting options".

-- CPUnet (, December 24, 2000.

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