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I have been letting a property for about 6 years which my wife and her ex-husband bought in about 1985 and hence the mortgage with Norwich and Peterbourough is in his and her previous married name. The agents I used to let the house through allowed the property to be misused and now it is in disrepair and uninhabitable. Despite this I have been told that with a private sale I may be able to get enough to just cover what is owed. Unfortunately I do not know where the ex-husband is and the society will not let us sell without his consent. The society do not know my wife and I's new address and of course her name has changed. Should I ignore or correspond now that we have received a court date for a repossession of the property ? If and when they repossess who will they go after for any shortfall ? The only way I get to hear from the BS is from letters forwarded on to me from a company I used to work for that doesn't now exist, therefore if I were to ignore then any letters could be returned with "no longer at this address".

The arrears are about #900, the total owed - #23344. We just want rid of it. If I were to send them the keys back with a letter form my wife stating that she wishes to give them the house back would this stop the court case going ahead ?

Thanks for any help or advice in this matter.

-- Neil Geoffrey Lewis (, September 06, 2000

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