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A "takeover" of a Net forum or list by Extremists (or in the case of Y2k by "Survivalists or Doomzies"... is almost incredibly easy compared to that of trying something locally like the take over of a school board or a PTA. The reasons are obvious. LOCALLY, people "know" who the local FRUIT CAKES ARE. On the Net, some background checks are prevented by "anonymous posters". Why anyone should pay the slightest attention to a "regular poster" named King of Spain or "a@a.a" or seems ludicrous but we witnessed: "Old Git", "Big Dog", "SyssyBoy", "", and more RUNNING what was supposed to have been a legitimate discussion group about a best selling comic book by a Computer Expert.

HOW was it possible for the EXTREMISTS and THEIR VENDORS to "take over" the "discussion" so much that the ONLINE PRESSURE reached to JOHN KOSKINEN, The FED, The FDIC, THE DOD and MAJOR CORPS??

Step One is always to use the smoke and mirrors of whatever tactics are necessary to STIFLE **DISSENT**. From censorship to outright flaming and accusing your opponents of what you, yourself are doing.

MOST PEOPLE are unable to handle such tactics for the simple reason that they have never been exposed to them before. They assume (wrongly) that "opponents" are playing fairly and "by the rules" (such as Robert's rules of order).

One of the first points of attack as we saw at TB I was to turn any "dissent" into some form of "personal attack" via: "That is ad hom.". Etc. In short, an effort to make OPPONENTS BY NOT BY THE **RULES** but BY ***YOUR RULES***.

IT STILL GOES ON HERE AND CLEARLY ON ANY OF THE "remnants" of the Y2k Fearful.


* Remember: sustained, confrontive style, using short, "self-contained" posts is a major component of our campaign. Put your Net access to good use, today and every day!

Just Do it! Until individuals learn to take the initiative, little can be accomplished. But with your ongoing commitment to the resistance, there is nothing that can stop the



Horsley's "How to use the Net"

Things You Can Do

USENET (Newsgroups, etc.) offers enormous opportunity for supporters of to disseminate our message to the unaware and the ignorant. The forces of Hell cannot yet stop us from advertising our ideas and organizations on USENET, but I can assure you, unless or something exactly like it becomes effective in resisting the online desecration, this will not always be the case. NOW is the time to grasp the weapon, which is the Net, and wield it skillfully and wisely while you may still do so freely.

* Crucial to our USENET campaign is that our message is disseminated far and wide to many, many newsgroups.

* Each USENET Defender" must obtain a listing of all Net News groups that are available on their system, and search through the list for groups suitable for our posts: alt., k12. and soc. groups frequented by youth and apostate Christians; groups frequented by homosexuals; and so on.

Find groups that are suitable for specific messages: alt.abortion, talk.abortion, alt.homosexuality, for bold calls for repentance; alt.christnet. groups for discussion of Christian cowardice in the face of our Nation's abominations; groups like alt.abortion.inequity, alt.impeach.clinton, and alt.rush-limbaugh for messages inviting allies to join us.

* Create posts that are succinct and self-sustaining. By "self- sustaining," I mean the post should be ideologically clear, with adequate information to assist the curious to find the "proof" they seek. Don't beat around the bush! Hit hard and fast with FACTS! Direct readers to experience first-hand in pictures what the infanticidal maniacs and pagan terrorists mean for America.

* Remember: volume and regularity. Try to keep at least one post that articulates well one or more of our ideas on groups you frequent AT ALL TIMES, even if it is only a short reply to the Enemy.

When a "newbie" posts a message sympathetic to us, CONTACT THEM IMMEDIATELY! Greet them, and offer them information about our activities and resources. Failure to contact newbies is a great error, as you can win many allies by showing interest in those who have potential.

When confronted by a pagan terrorist, or an accomplice to infanticide, deal with them swiftly and mercilessly: expose them for what they are, and direct by-standers to resources which demonstrate clearly that "freedom of choice" is actually butchering of babies and "alternative lifestyle" is about horrendous abominations like anal sex and the truly perverted and demented homosexual agenda.

* Avoid engaging in non-productive debates with enemy activists. It is often difficult to distinguish between the Enemy's dedicated lackeys, and the misguided who are merely parroting what the ungodly controlled media has taught them. The former are to be ignored, though it is understandably difficult to endure their cheap insults. The latter should be dealt with in a polite, sincere way. Few are "converted" solely by reason, but one who is open to new ideas and the facts can be guided in the right direction by reasonable, respectful argumentation. But, don't be afraid to be blunt with the facts, even when they are ghastly.

Sophistry, the art of using false logic to make ridiculous ideas appear to be thoroughly sound, is our opponents' number one weapon. DENY THEM THEIR WEAPON! Deny them full use of their bag of dirty tricks by controlling the debate that ensues from our posts. Simple-minded (not to imply unintelligent) lurkers will be discouraged if they are confused by sophistic gibberish -- which is of course why the Enemy uses that tactic. The main opposition technique you will encounter will be, of course, a specious argument about "rights" and "freedom." Point out that any and all human beings have a preeminent right: the right to life! Point out to defenders of desecration that the "right" they seek is not to "love" another man, but actually the "right" to engage in filthy abominations like anal sex.

* Remember: our overall USENET strategy must be to repeat powerful themes OVER AND OVER AND OVER. We cannot compete with the ungodly media, of course, as our propaganda dissemination is but a very small fraction of the everywhere pervasive satanic propaganda. However, our ideas possess an energy that truth alone contains. Our ideas, when matched one to one with the chimera of the infanticidal maniacs and pagan terrorists, overwhelm theirs with ease, because OURS ARE IN SYNC WITH REALITY. One well-written message containing our ideas has much greater "bang for the buck."

* Remember: our target is either the lurkers who are in agreement with us but do not know how to convert their feelings into action, or those lurkers who have a predisposition towards our holy cause but have never been exposed to the facts.

* You may wish to consider utilizing pseudo-anonymous or truly anonymous services (combined with PGP) to defend yourself against harassment. Hotmail and RocketMail offer pseudo- anonymous mailing services; if used legally, your anonymity is secured. Replay and Nymserver offer more secure mailing services for the " special" occasions.

You may also use the pseudo-anonymous Net News servers of DejaNews or one of the many "FreeNets" around North America, such as the Ottawa FreeNet, to post USENET messages. And, don't underestimate the utility of America Online for limited actions.

* IMPORTANT: never spam groups with messages totally unrelated to the group's focus. You will fail in your efforts, as you will infuriate some and generate contempt in nearly all of the group's readers, who may read other groups you would target. You could also lose as your access, as a flood of hatemail pours into your system administrator's mailbox.

Tailor your messages for each group. The Truth has myriad facets, and the well-informed activist can extract something to fit onto just about every group.

Don't use unnecessary "overkill". Of course, overkill can be a useful controversy generator and attention-getter, and occasionally there is a sound use for this tactic, but, if you post a message so inapproriately provocative and/or pompous, it will diminish your effectiveness.

* If you have the time and money to spend, monitor the Enemy's groups and mailing lists. Watch for material that would be of use to us, such as news of enemy websites. Relay such information to our allies. Much can be freely learned from the Enemy through this manner.

* WARNING: Be aware that EVERYTHING you post will be seen by the Enemy. All of your posts may be catalogued and archived for future use by the Enemy.

DO NOT EVER post a message that advocates or supports an illegal act or activity. Be assured that any message you post that even hints of direct action against infanticidal maniacs or demonic pagan terrorists will be archived! If you explicitly advocate illegality, such an expression will surely be used against you, possibly immediately, by Clinton's secret police. Even though the Supreme Court has murdered the "religion clause" of the The First Amendment, it still guarantees a wide variety of political expression, and explicit advocacy of unlawful behavior is not necessary.

Please pay close attention to the strategy designed to force political change in this nation. We assure you, if you will simply explain what is organizing to accomplish, you will be seen to be what you would actually be--the real cutting edge of change in the presently united States of America.

* If possible, coordinate your activities with everyone you know who shares your desire to arrest the desecration in this nation. A regular email update on your activities will suffice. We are presently looking for someone to coordinate information about online activities. It would be especially helpful if a "combat information center," to borrow a Navy concept, were to be established under a reliable, competent organizer. This person would not "issue orders," but would take note of who's doing what and where they're doing it. The "CIC" could make recommendations for which activities and which "fronts" needed attention. As time passes, we can put this info into a Political Action mailing list allowing all of us to see the growing activity within this phase of the resistance.

* Remember: sustained, confrontive style, using short, "self-contained" posts is a major component of our campaign. Put your Net access to good use, today and every day!

Just Do it! Until individuals learn to take the initiative, little can be accomplished. But with your ongoing commitment to the resistance, there is nothing that can stop the Creator's Rights from being defended. Let us hear from you now...

-- cpr (, September 06, 2000


Gawd!!! OK, OK. Thanks. Now, will you kindly omit "KOS" from your thread titles for a few damn minutes????!!!

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), September 06, 2000.

As usual, my little buddy CEEP has a major problem with enemy identification. Storm your castles, tilt your windmills & have your fun Charlie but I ask you again to consider the audience here and try not to look too foolish.

You could be usefull next time but not if you squander you personal coin chasing senseless fringe crap.

-- Carlos (, September 06, 2000.

lol. Cute response, KOS. You're fresh meat to Charlie.

[Better YOU than ME.] Carlos: I don't think Charlie cares whether folks were/are on the fringe or not. He's on a mission, and if one doesn't agree with his philosophies or even his TACTICS, we're all dim bulbs. He's an evangelist.

BTW, KOS, did you know that pollies and doomers alike are meeting in LV the weekend of October 13th? *I*'m going, Carlos is going, Flint is going, and several folks whose handle you might not recognize. You're certainly welcome to join us for a few days of non-Y2k discussion and fun.

-- Anita (, September 06, 2000.

Show up KOS. As of now I'm surrounded. Bringing my daughter for protection. Westward Ho for fifty bucks a nite if you resereve now.

-- Carlos (, September 06, 2000.

Anita: Again, you said a mouthful :-) and with class.

KOS, consider the invite, well I even hear capn wants to wrestle? :-)

BTW, pay no attention to the ceep, he talks to much and to himself mostly.

-- consumer (, September 06, 2000.


-- cpr (, September 06, 2000.

Hey there, um, ceep, perhaps you too should go on in the link, i'll let you know when to come out. tee-hee

-- consumer (, September 06, 2000.

LV = Las Vegas, right? I saw a reference in the Archives that I have been plowing through....

It's a little further than my boat can sail, perhaps if there is an East Coast contingent sometime, that one should be doable.

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), September 06, 2000.

I second that east coast thingee, cause I can't go to the PARTY OF A LIFETIME...AND I'M NOT JEALOUS EITHER!!! So there.

How's about Boston?

We do Snow Angels...LOL

-- Peg (too@much.spam), September 06, 2000.

Um, excuse me Ms. Peg but you ARE TOO JEALOUS.


Wish you could be here (sniff). Hey, let me know if you guys do an East Coast thingee; I'll be there. But not in the winter; how about the Spring?

Carlos, you are NOT "surrounded".

Well, OK, maybe a little :-)

-- Patricia (, September 06, 2000.


How's about Richmond or DC in the spring? Biz trip likely for me.

-- Carlos (, September 06, 2000.

Step One is always to use the smoke and mirrors of whatever tactics are necessary to STIFLE **DISSENT**. From censorship to outright flaming and accusing your opponents of what you, yourself are doing.

You're the expert, cpr. You should know.

As for "frothings", since the early days of BIFFY, everything was done to evoke exactly the reaction I wanted. I.E.: to incite and infuritate the assorted pressure group leaders of Y2k BULLSHIT.

-- Look (in@the.mirror), September 07, 2000.

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