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cpr on January 31, 2000 at 18:22:55:

In Reply to: Re: HISTORY: Look who was looking for help 11/12/96 He couldn't even find my name on my first Y2k web site. posted by MM on January 31, 2000 at 17:25:39:

I told you you did not know what was going on. I will not post the really good stuff on Herr Gary because that is for a future Web site dedicated to exposing these CREEPS and it will stay online until at least 2010. ALL of them will be included but especially the Big Three.

Gary being Number One. THERE WAS NEVER A NEED FOR "PREPS" .

Gary has been a Survivalist since 1965. He was merely trying to collect Recruits. He bet the Farm and.......EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, EVERY MOVE HE MADE I COULD FIND LEGALLY ONLINE,,,,,,I EXPOSED HIM TO THE PRESS AND LATER.....HERE.

Getting him out of Professional Y2k Circles was easy however he replaced himself with Clones. Ask Patricia. She and I and several others were there at the start.

We are so good at spotting them....only a few lines from an Errington is needed for me. Now many others can do it. We started seeing it in 1997.

And it was VERY SCARY. I knew North was non-violent. He even wrote a letter to the Entire Right calling for Paul Hill to take his "medicine like a man" for Murdering as he did. But North had friends and there were others that we found especially the "Identity"Haters (some of whom were arrested before the CDC for suspected Terrorism.). I post Horsley's "How to use the Web to Recruit." I found it 3 years ago and Steve Davis used to link to it.


THESE WERE.....NOT.......NICE PEOPLE. Its an act to ensnare Recruits to the "lifestyle". (Hyatt even has a new thread about "the lifestyle".)

It is a complete set flexible enough to ensnare both the Right and Left. Bruce Beach is on the left: anti-Nuke and he buried 42 buses as a 'bomb shelter' for the coming Nuke War or whatever goes through his head.

Others are terrified of the Rate of Change of everything from their dreams of Beaver Land of the 1950s. The Cult satisfies their fears.

It gives them "something to do" (prep) while isolating them from the Real World VIA **PROPAGANDA**.

The classic question I have heard for years is: "If you don't think Y2k is a problem, why are you on a Prep list?" (THAT is the CULT.)

A lot of the Core Survivalists did not buy Y2k or left the Y2k end (clutching their rice sacks and cans of beans). ONE even exposed Gary as BS because he was an Embedded Systems Engineer. THAT never made EY's list.


Now you only see a TINY part a SLIVER of what I did.

Someday, Gary will see it all. I will detail it and laugh. He wrote me in 1998 that he would be Mainstream in 1999 and when he was he was going to put all my posts to de Jager and to him, online for all to see what a Fool I was.


North tried the "I really don't know anything pitch" but it was much more. After I turned the search engines on him, I sent him a note that he was a Blatant Academic Fraud who had defiled the Ph.D. To this day I never use the term "dr." Lower case intentional when discussing him.

He even knows I contacted his Father in Law who he really did wrong even though the "Founder" was not a winner either. His CRs have given me more on Gary than Gary would ever like to know. One demanded a Church trial for Gary for lying about him. Nothing came of it.

You have no idea of how many people North has for enemies. He waits for years then he stikes like a Cobra. He is "a nasty little man without the moustache."

His "Theonomy" is really a Church State modeled on the Puritans. He would revive the Scarlet A and not even think about it. He believes in STONING WOMEN WHO HAD ABORTIONS AND THEIR DOCTORS as MURDERERS. He advocates stones....."because they are cheap and readily available...".


If you read between the lines at the end of what he wrote that is a blatant pitch to do a deal.

Amateurs don't recognize that but anyone in business knows the pitch.

Someone promises you "business" in the future for something today.

Yes I responded.

Later if you had read here you would have seen a post about me having Dinner with Herr Gary and other Y2k people. We did not know who he was.

He promised to bury me.

He did NOT.

After I exposed him on de Jager he wrote this. He wanted a "link".

TO: Gary North

At 07:48 PM 10/08/1997 -0500, you wrote:
>Charlie, why do you think I'm not willing to stand behind my writings?
>That's why I wrote them. If you can help promote them, more power to you.
>But please, give an address where these books can be ordered and their prices:
> ..................................

NO WAY, Jose'.. I'd have to charge for promoting you. That's the American Way.I think its better if people make an effort to find you ,,,don't you??

That way they will really appreciate your "work".


Follow Ups:

-- cpr (, September 06, 2000



Question for you: If you didn't have access to the 'net, would you be on a street corner muttering????

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), September 06, 2000.

More on North's beliefs......

-- jj (de@truth.home), September 06, 2000.

Cpr as usual misinterprets people's motivations and intentions. This is what KOS said about Y2k in January.

When "Y2K Denial" changes it's meaning

-- (Y2k@is.over), September 06, 2000.

KOS, ROFLMAO "muttering on street corner?" loved it.

-- consumer (, September 06, 2000.

Cpr as usual misinterprets people's motivations and intentions. This is what KOS said about Y2k in January.

When "Y2K Denial" changes it's meaning

Just because somebody thinks your writing style wasn't conducive to getting your point across, Cpr, doesn't mean they are "still taken in by the Propaganda."

-- (Y2k@is.over), September 06, 2000.


-- cpr (, September 06, 2000.

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