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I have made VCDs of still photos via EZCD4, which work great in my Pioneer 434 DVD player, but I cannot make a VCD with a "one level menu structure". EZCD4 makes the cd, but the player will only play the first track. In other words, I am trying to make a VCD with multiple MPEG files on it, with each file being referenced by a track number in the VCD menu on my DVD player. The track menu displays just fine, but only the first track plays. All the files are on the VCD. The only thing I can determine is that probably I am not using EZCD4 properly. Does anyone know how to do what I am attempting?

-- Jack Chandler (, September 06, 2000


Check my web site for a detailed explanation and step by step with screen shots on how to use the EZCD Video Creator with simple menus.

-- Rich (, September 06, 2000.

I am answering my own problem so that others may use it. The solution was to select "track at once" rather than "disk at once" when getting ready to do the actual burn. The "track at once" option inserts a 2 second gap between tracks, which I guess is what DVD players need. The "disk at once" option does not put any gap between tracks. I am now a happy camper-just making VCDs by the bucket.

-- Jack Chandler (, September 07, 2000.

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