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Just trying to find out if any one has received a post card form HPIS - Hospital Plan Insurance Services.

Since they sstarted to hound me I've received two. They say that yopu have won a guaranteed cash amount of up to #100,000, and all you have to do to claim it is fill out a 'non commital' Direct debit form!!!

Maybe it's just my paranoia, but they only started coming in the past year and a half.

-- (, September 06, 2000


Well HPIS do have a web site at and they sell insurance. Sounds innocent enough, but I also looked them up on the data protection register ( and amongst other things, they also use data for "statistical and research analysis" and their sources and disclosures (who they get information from and who they give it to) includes banks, buildings societies and credit reference agencies!!!

Another category they are registered for is "Trading in Personal Information" which basically means they get your information and sell it to other companies. Again, banks, building societies and credit reference agencies are included.

HPIS are probably a genuine company. They probably have several mailouts a year to get business.

Don't panic. Do what everyone else does with junk mail - throw it away.


-- pendle (, September 06, 2000.

Don't worry. I answered this correspondence from HPIS and have actually taken out accident insurance with them (worth having incidentally!). I'm afraid this awful shortfall business makes us all paranoid when it comes to the post and phone calls. Hey maybe you'll win the #100,000 and you can pay off the vultures! (just a thought).

Regards Sue Gates

-- sue gates (, September 08, 2000.

Received one on the 16/08/01

I there,

I just fell on your message on the net. I hope I am not too intrusive. It seems that HPIS carry on with that dodgy marketing practice because I just received the same one today. I don't really think it's a proper scam although it looks like it but a weird way to market their products for sure...

Have you ever answered to them ???



-- Sam Couratin (, August 16, 2001.


From what I can tell they are a legit company and do provide you with the insurance they offer. There are no problems or queeries with the company as far as I can find anyway. However - do you know anyone who has ever won more than 10 on these guaranteed cash pay out things?

-- Alex Millington (, September 21, 2001.

well i recieved a letter from them, i sent it back, with my details, as it mentioned the direct debit guarantee, and i work for the bank. I am awaiting to get my prize after the 17th of this month ( november ). After a few weeks i got a call about the same policy again offering me a ten pound gift voucher, so i signed up again! I will probably end up with two policies, which i will just cancel, as i am coved for even more, but i will have made at least 15 pounds, now xmas is on it's way... They are a ligit company, something to do with new hampshire insurance company i found on the web... Must be worth it!

-- Rena O (, November 07, 2004.

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