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I am trying to find some time to post on the matter of the Gray's in Trinidad, Texas. I am receiving as many as 150 e-mails a day and it is impossible for me to respond to all of you personally( although I wish I could) ! Please be patient and I will get to the heart of the controversy, the what , the why, and my opinion on the solution. I am operating on two to three hours sleep during harvest and hope to complete a honest response to all in a few days. Take Care !

-- Joel Rosen (, September 06, 2000


I am curious to know if the double entendre was intentional?

-- Doreen (, September 06, 2000.

There is alot of information about the Grays at

-- nobrabbit (, September 06, 2000.

Interesting thought on the drive by arrest....well, maybe only to me. Do you think Mr. Gray will go to court or to the Sheriff's to file papers on this incident?

-- Doreen (, September 06, 2000.

Good point, Doreen

Everybody hates the government until they want something for themselves. I believe the last time the government stayed completely out of a local feud was the Hatfields and McCoys. The body count in that one was about 145 or so.


-- Craig Miller (, September 07, 2000.

Craig, I am not entirely sure what you mean. Not that that would be a big surprise, though!!!

I don't know what you might know about this situation in Trinidad, but the guy shooting from the back of the truck at these people most likely wouldn't be doing that without the interest of the government being focused on the Grey's.

I certainly did not mean to imply that Mr. Grey would be happy to avail himself of government services because of a "tiff" with someone. And the Hatfeild's and McCoy's have nothing what so ever paralell with this situation. Maybe the Crips and the Bloods would, but I believe their totals are way over 145 persons each side already.

Did you read the info at infowars?

-- Doreen (, September 08, 2000.

Craig the hatfields and mccoys was caused by the government the fued was not started by a stolen pig it was settled until a government interloper used government power and the old settled fued as an excuse to steal hatfield land if government intervention had not occured the fued would have stopped one dead mcoy 3 dead hatfield instead of 145 or what ever number you claim jkg

-- jkg (, September 11, 2000.

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