I need info. on the development of the strokes!

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I am doing a research paper on the development of a swim stroke. I haven't decided which one yet because I can not find much information on any of the strokes. I prefer to do the research on the breaststroke or butterfly, but it does not matter. I need to know where I can find information on the evolution of the strokes. I have found some basic information on the history of swimming, but I need further details on the specific strokes. If anyone can PLEASE help!

-- Kara Stauffer (klstauffer@hotmail.com), September 05, 2000


there is a book "swimming dynamics" by Cecil M. Colwin that has a very detailed history of the front crawl. it also has chapters about tall 4 major strokes, and discussions with leading coaches around the world. Its around $20, and its a great reference.

-- thomas yetter (thomasyetter@hotmail.com), January 23, 2001.

Another good book to look out for is James E Counsilman, *The Science of Swimming* (1968). It's not at all historical in intention, but it's so detailed that I suppose it can be used as resource for developments in the mid-twentieth century. Also, it's so authoritative, deadly serious, and physically robust that it should be in a lot of university libraries -- so you can look at it without actually paying money for it.

-- Peter Evans (peter@despammed.com), February 06, 2001.

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