I let her keep the house& now they're after me!

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Approximately 5yrs ago i split up from my girlfriend ,after awhile i found out she could no longer afford to stay there as her lodger left so unbeknown to my self or the building society she rented the property out.we originally paid #27,000 [approx] i have since found out the property has fell into negative equity and is now worth around #10,000.She is fed up with the hassle of renting out and is threating to hand the keys in I began building a new life for myself and got my own property.What steps do i need to take?

-- brian boucher (b.boucher.@admin.hull.ac.uk), September 05, 2000



I'm sorry that you have had no response till now but the creator of this site is swamped with requests for information which relects the true nature of the quantity of repossesions in the UK. Most of the contributors like myself are battling against the indifferent might of major lenders like the HALIFAX PLC and ABBEY NATIONAL. We have had to build up our knowledge (Which equals empowerment) by studying the contents of this site and by extensive searching of the web. There is no easy answer to any repossession problem but there is a first step that will take you much further. That is to READ THIS site from top to bottom. The information you retrieve can only benefit you.....Go for it!


-- Tony Hayter (Tony@Hayter.com), October 06, 2000.

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