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The OTHERS said this would happen.

Y2k would snowball slowly.

Firestone is yet another example that the OTHERS were correct.

Get prepped while you still can.

Time is almost up for the masses. Don't be in the body count.

-- RubberNecker (rollin@rollin.rollin), September 04, 2000


It is midnight. The blackbirds are getting set to burn rubber in their SUV'S, being unaware, since they do not own a tv or read the papers, that there was a recall......

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), September 05, 2000.

I was hoping this was Creeper, but no such luck.

Explorer tire tread separated in fatal Texas crash

He's still here, damn!

-- (only@wishful.thinking), September 05, 2000.

You're absolutely right RubberNecker! I have a friend that works for Firestone that told me they never made the machines compliant that measure the proper amount of glue to put on the tires. It was only applying the amount of glue needed for cars that were built in the year 1900.

-- Harry North (noncompliant@glue.machines), September 05, 2000.

I was called to do the oddest things in preparation for a possible Y2K. I was called upon to prepare. Kinda like Moses (that was a reality) and the Guy (bogas) who was tasked to bring his Son for sacrifice, he did so, his heart so heavy. Once the year rolled over, and civilzation did not disappear from wrought of absence of electricity, I began to have hope, renewal. Never mind, the fact that last year, We fled from Floyd. Across the State, no room to be found. I have come to the conclusion, this world does not end from human action. You can Rubber Neck, all you want, there are higher powers who control. Oh yes, I am still seeing planes, ships, buildings, emploding, for those who see. I had no control when they started, nor shall I have any control, when they finish. Interesting ride, isn't it?

-- Papa (, September 05, 2000.

wishfulthinking, what a horrible thing to say. Wishing someone were dead because you dont agree with them is sick

-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), September 05, 2000.

shut yer filthy cunt hole bitch!

-- (goddam@yappin.hole), September 05, 2000.

Oh look, lil Shrubya is posting here.

-- 4 more for Gore in 2004 (gore@no.bore), September 05, 2000.

I get the feeling this thread was started by a 'polly' chumming for 'doomer' responses.

-- (something@smells.fishy), September 07, 2000.

y2k shmy-two-kay! get lives people!

-- Get Some (!), September 11, 2000.

My refrigerator stinks.

-- my refirgerator stinks. (my@refrigerator.stinks.), September 11, 2000.

that would be my ass that smells like fish. Btw moron firestone problems go back to 89.


-- cpr (, September 18, 2000.

Charlie, would you explain to the readers just exactly how your ass came to smell like fish?


-- (crp@texas.stinks), September 18, 2000.

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