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Can anyone please explain to me what "Anti-Creep Leveling" device is ?

Many Thanks.

Harsh Shah

-- harsh shah (, September 03, 2000


Anti-creep is a system to return an elevator to floor level if it moves away for any reason, such as rope stretch (traction), oil leakage or contraction or compression (hydraulic).

In some cases, the regular leveling system performs the function, in others, it is augmented by special circuitry and/or additional switches.

On older hydraulics which leveled in the down direction only (on an up run, the car went past the floor and leveled back to it in the down direction) an anti-creep switch was provided to move the car up to engage the down leveling system if it went below the floor for any of the above reasons.

-- John Brannon (, September 04, 2000.

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