What levels do your relationships go through?

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Do you mark off your relationships in graduated levels, or is it more of a soft slide? Have you ever skipped a level with someone, jumping from initial meeting to a good understanding of the other person?

Have you ever reached "Level F" (or its equivalent) with anyone? Do you have names for the different levels, or are my friends and I just strange?

-- Atara (atara@raex.com), September 03, 2000


Maybe I've just become cynical and/or bitter, but you're either in one or you ain't.

-- Chris Vannoy (revco@wirefire.com), September 04, 2000.

Not names per se, more a feeling that you've reached the point where it'll bend rather than break if one of you screws up ....

-- Raven (Izzy@dragon.nz.com), September 04, 2000.

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