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Is anyone else getting alittle.. internet tired?

-- Jen (, September 03, 2000


Took some time for me to come to that conclusion, but it was inevitable. I started realizing that everyone can have their own corner of the web, but they don't necessarily have anything to say. A redundant rampage. Blah.

Yet, it's always lurking in the background. at work. playing music. here at 1am in the morning, writing to someone I've never met. It's strangely addicting. It's like watching tv all day. You know it's a waste of time, still you can't pull yourself away from that rerun of Back to the Future. I just try to stay with sites I find interesting, and save the rest for actual research (school, work, etc.) Don't waste too much time that way.


-- Tony (, September 04, 2000.

absolutely, positively. after two or so years of fucking around online, i think i've reached the point where it just does not interest me anymore. period. there are maybe 4 journals that i like to consistently read, because i'm a co-dependent moron and also because i have nothing else to do, but other than seems like, to me, that it's all just one big popularity contest to keep up the coolest, most complicated page, or to write the coolest, most articulate and philosophical journal entries. plus, it seems as though everybody's so concerned with appearing cool that no one really cares about the whole point of this stupid internet thing--to connect with people. it sounds strange, but when i was first cruising around online and stuff, i was amazed and relieved at how much information was out there concerning depression or self-mutilation or drug addictions..there were so many personal homepages and discussion boards and things of that nature that were made so people with similar problems could find each other, and not have to worry about being made fun of, or alienated, or mocked. i thought: finally, a medium where i could bitch about my problems, and people could relate! how cool! and then, suddenly, it seemed as though either everybody killed themselves, or got over their problems, or started to worry about the appearance of their homepages a wee bit too much, and then all of this nice, supportive, helpful stuff just disappeared. there aren't any pages that openly talk about depression anymore, really, and if there actually are, the owner is constantly issuing disclaimers to keep away insults and catty comments. i don't know. this has become quite long when all i wanted to say was "yes i agree with you", but that seems to be how i work. but anyway. i know what you're saying. i've never done one of these forum question thingys, mostly because i don't want to bother anyone. so i'll stop typing now.


-- jane (, September 04, 2000.


-- -- Karrisa ( (Karrisa (, July 21, 2003.

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