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Trash is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays

Organic / Lawn / Yard cuttings on Tuesday

Recyclables on Friday

Please take the following to the SWA recycling center just east of of Costco on Linton Blvd [turn right at the light after Costco and it's on the left before the park]. It is free and you will not poison our drinking water, by putting it in the landfill or having it incinerated.

Have any questions please call the SWA @ 930-A.S.A.P. , they are nice folks.

You can also get free mulch at the recycling center.

-- (, September 02, 2000


Response to Trash / Recycle Pick Up Days

Also there is no special pickup just before a huricane. So please do not trim your trees just before the storm, you are better not having loose timber that will surely be flying around. This happened last year, and we were lucky that Floyd did not visit us so personally as expected.

So in short if the storm is coming on Saturday, the next Organic / Yard Pickup will be on the following Wednesday, not on Friday. If you must cut down the tree you will need to store the cuttings in your garage -- so it won't fly around and kill you or your neighbors.

It would be wise to arrange for the trimming of your trees now, before the big storm comes.

-- (, September 03, 2000.

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