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So you got a proxy in the mail?

So, Now what?

That little piece of paper allows you to vote by allowing to designate someone to vote as you wish, but the designatee is not obligated to do as you wish.

Or you can show up at the election meeting - which will void your proxy.

When you proxy for the Secretary, she will vote for the current board. But she is not obligated to do so, even if you specify who you want -- she should, but there is no guarantee.

In a previous election: It was stated that a major proxy holder voted for just TWO canidates not the "proper" FIVE this left a question as to the proper conduct of that proxy voter - buyer beware. This has not been verfied by me personally.

I believe that a proxy block voter, of more than say 5 proxies, should not be done as secret ballot but as a named ballot so we know who voted that block.

The by-laws should be revised to allow mail-in ballots (not proxy voting) and if someone wants to run at the last minute, best-o-luck to them. This will elimintate the proxy confusion.

In all cases get out there and vote, whether by proxy or in person. As we saw in the presidential mess your vote does matter!

-- (, September 01, 2000

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