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Can anyone recommend a source of information on the St. Johns River Terminal Rwy and the Jacksonville Belt & Terminal- both operated track in Jacksonville, Fl - [Other than the book 'Rails 'neath the Palms'].

Thanks, Steven

-- Steven Campbell (, September 01, 2000


The St.Johns River Terminal Co. was formed about Nov. 1902 from part of the Atlantic Valdosta & Western and was controlled by the Southern Rwy. Bill Edson's book RAILROAD NAMES doesn't give a "closing" date, only "tarric cancelled".

Is your Jacksonville Belt & Terminal the same as the Jacksonville Belt RR? JBRR is covered in Pettengill's book THE STORY OF FLORIDA RAILROADS (Bulletin No.86, R&LHS, July 1952, which I think may have been recently reprinted in Florida). JBRR was built and controlled by the Florida Central & Peninsular/SAL 1886-1889. Then there was the later Jacksonville Terminal Co., 1895-1978, which came under control of the SCL in 1974 and was no longer a seperate company after 1978.

You may be able to get a copy of the Pettengill's book from Paul Gibson, "Railpub", e-mail: for availability and price

-- Tom Underwood (, September 02, 2000.

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