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Okay, in today's entry I wrote out my list of things that still need doing before I start shooting my film on the 9th. What's your To Do List?

-- Kymm Zuckert (hedgehog@hedgehog.net), August 31, 2000


Thanks for reminding me of such a painful subject. Why don't you give me a paper cut and rub lemon juice in it?

1. Bottle christmas ale. 2. Clean bathrooms. 3. Paint the house. 4. Bottle cider. 5. Fix the front porch. 6. Fix the car that got rear-ended yesterday. 7. Bottle wine. 8. Call DMV about why the car that got rear-ended has two sets of plates, and which ones should it have on it? 9. Study NT server stuff. 10. Bottle mead. 11. Pack for next weekend's SCA event. 12. Finish my armor. 13. Bottle some more cider. 14. Find that book I borrowed 3 years ago to give back to my sensei. 15. Make a portable firepit. 16. First learn how to do wrought iron, though. 17. Bottle some more wine. 18. Make trivets for everybody for christmas (they travel better than wine; plus, if I give the booze away, I don't get to drink it). 19. Make a new gambeson. And a new shield... and a coif... 20. Bottle some more mead. 21. Drink 1., 4., 7., 10., 13., 17., and 20., above. 22. Bottle even more mead. Yes, I have EIGHT CARBOYS FULL OF BOOZE IN MY BASEMENT. You got a problem with that? 23. Learn to play the recorder. 24. Make some nut brown ale using the hops I just harvested from my yard.

And that's just off the top of my head. I'm sure my wife would be able to remember lots more for me.

-- Colin (ethilrist@prodigy.net), August 31, 2000.

There just isn't enough room on this web for all the things I have to do in the next nine days.

So I'll just sum it up:

1. Finish wedding shit.

2. Clean disgusting house.

3. Get Married.

4. Go on Honeymoon.


-- Colleen (triggirl@yahoo.com), August 31, 2000.

My list always starts with my current fav rubber stamp:

Things to do... 1. Take Laundry to Dump

Never have done that but it never fails to amuse me....when you're a mom to a 15 year old girl sometimes it takes very little....

the rest of the list: make copies of pics for cousin Jan find negs for bowling team and make copies spend 10 mins per day putting away stuff on desk put up laundry clear off bar counter file....find filing cabinet first clear 5 more square feet of room in Toby's room (he's 11--it's a sea of pokemon/magic/digimon cards...) ditto to Dinah's room (it's a sea of all the clothes she "doesn't" have to wear.... repot geraniums before it freezes you get the drift....my epitaph will be one of my lists chiseled in stone so I can keep working on it thru eternity

-- Karen (phgreen@uswest.net), September 01, 2000.

1. return six months overdue library books (Kymm, does this ring any bells?) 2. upload recent photos to photo.net 3. e-mail friends to go look at them 4. laundry 5. file handouts from recent conference, which I will never look at again 6. shrink heap of unread e-mail 7. shrink heap of unread books 7. write dissertation

-- Diana (diana@alum.mit.edu), September 01, 2000.

Well, there's a lot of little things, but let's try the big ones:

1. Prepare for going-away party tomorrow. 2. Completely finish and document current project at work. 3. Organize all belongings such that movers might possibly be able to pack them. 4. Sew 35 feet of binding on quilt by hand. 5. Hem skirt I'm wearing to two weddings between California and Boston. 6. Get new job. 7. Move 3200 miles.

Perhaps Colleen and I could have some kind of face-off.

-- Jessie (blue@avocation.org), September 01, 2000.

1) Co-organise a fundraiser with hors d'oeuvres (and the only way I remember how to spell that is to associate it with my mother's joke pronounciation of horses doovers...) for an award night to be attended by the Governer of NJ amongst other.
2) Co-organise a fundraiser with selling up to 600 tickets to a Phillies versus Mets game (I had to ask what sport they play, it's baseball!) on September 23rd.
3) Co-organise a fundraiser for a Celebrity Auction on October 28th.
4) Try to get work done for our paying clients, as 1-3 pays Nothing.
5)Garden; I have pots that need transplanting, watermelon seedlings that are now growing watermelons in the temporary pots, ditto cucumbers, putple beans and tomatoes. Weeding. Pruning. Watering. Plus, I need to start from seed various herbs that I want to give people Kitchen Baskets for Christmas.
6)Make a Christmas list. Half my Christmas list lives half a world away, to get cheap shipping, I have to start Now and mail in October. Last year I didn't start shopping til the second or third week of December, and everyone Australian got their presents when I visited in May..
7)Start making a Christmas Card List, and making a Word document to print out address labels. I'll hand write the cards, but my scrawl on an envelope is hard enough for the Post Office to deal with. Last year, I handwrote 130 cards. My hands type, they are not up to this writing dealie.
8)Scout through house for Yard Sale crap. Big Labour Day Yard Sale at my sister in laws every year, on the Saturday of the Labour Day weekend. There is most definitely stuff I haven't used for ages, so might as well make a couple of dollars on it.
9)Clean Kitchen. I had a dinner party two weekends ago, there are still dishes.. Ones that I can't put through the dishwasher. My table is a tip, because my kitchen was designed by someone who'd never actually Used one, and so the space is badly used. Storage space? Nah, who uses storage space in a kitchen..
10) Tidy up my desk. My work desk has piles taller than my head. The only piles that aren't as tall as my head are ones the cats knocked over.

Looking at my list, I want to have a Bex and a quick lie down..

-- Amanda Page (amanda@amandasprecipice.com), September 01, 2000.

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