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Finaly, we at R-WAY down in Kentucky, have been plaugued,(OVERRAN) with Blister beetles on our tomatoes. The plants are hanging on but the beetles are getting worse. The net has many references about control in alphalfa fields, but all I can find right now is hand picking, bleh!!! Also any Countrysiders around the Hopkinsville area in Ky. and the Evansville, In. that would like to coffee, look us up, on the Blister Beetles, we only use organic methods.

-- Wayne & Lyn Roach (, August 31, 2000


Try dusting with "organic" white four, it keeps ants away, also try dusting with boric acid, just be sure to wash produce before eating! Annie in Beallsville, OH.

-- Annie M. Miller (, September 25, 2000.

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