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I am trying to decide between a Peinert Dolphin or a Maas 24. I have rowed a Maas 24 and found it to be a fine boat. I must say that I do like the splash box design. I row on a river that sees a lot of jet ski and boat traffice and I don't like to get wet !! I will not have a chance to row a Peinert because no one on the west coast has one that I know of. Can someone who is familiar with both boats recommend one over the other to help me decide?

-- Andrea (, August 30, 2000


While I have rowed neither boat for more than a few hundred meters, one obvious difference between them is the splash box. The Dolphin is likely to be the dryer boat in choppy conditions and thus the more comfortable (and therefore safe?) in cold water. On the other side of the ledger, the Dolphin could be the more difficult to re-enter after a capsize.

-- David Stookey (, October 22, 2000.

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