Women Hold All Top Political Spots in New Zealand

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A woman high court judge has been chosen as New Zealand's next governor general, meaning women will now occupy all the country's top constitutional posts.

Dame Silvia Cartwright will take on her new role as Queen Elizabeth II's official representative next April. The prime minister, opposition leader, attorney general and chief justice are all female. The chief executive of the nation's largest company, Telecom New Zealand, is also a woman.

New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote in 1893 and has long claimed to be at the forefront of the campaign to increase women's rights.

Dame Silvia, 56, who replaces Sir Michael Hardie Boys, was the first woman chief judge of New Zealand's District Courts and in 1993 became the country's first woman High Court judge. She is also a member of the United Nations committee monitoring women's rights.

New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy which retains the British queen as head of state. The governor general is her representative in the country - although it is essentially a figurehead role.

-- Debra (Thisis@it.com), August 30, 2000



-- Debra (Thisis@it.com), August 30, 2000.

If only we had the choices that New Zealand has. Instead we get two imbeciles leading the pack of contenders. Nader is definately the man for the job.

-- Gore Bush (birds@ofA.feather), August 30, 2000.

Mr Democrat is such a maroon that I almost think Mr Republican would do a better job. What other choice do I have than to vote for Mr. Green Party?

-- male voter (I@will.vote), August 30, 2000.

Gore Bush (birds@ofA.feather), August 30, 2000.

I have a lot of friends there: including some in the par-lee-ment. Your statement indicates that you don't know a whole lot about the place.My guess is that you haven't spent much time talking and visiting with folks there. That's OK. Ignor-ancy- is bliss. NZ is a great place.

Best wishes,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (Z1X4Y7@aol.com), August 30, 2000.

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