Kodak 5x7 D-2 lens panel too loose

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Putting a heavy lens on the 5x7 Kodak D-2 (wooden camera) makes the lens panel drop. There's a gear for the front rise & fall, but it cannot hold the panel with a heavy lens.

Are there any (simple) solutions?



-- Herb Bauer (herb.bauer@attglobal.net), August 29, 2000



I'll give you my two cents worth as I use an 8x10 and 5x7 2D allmost every day(they are great and just plain faster that my Wisner's).

If your gear and rack are in good condition on both sides. Then I suspect that someone has "fixed" the loose fitting gears (really a sliding pinion) so that they no longer slide in (to rack up or down) and out (to lock)the lens from moving up or down. When I buy junk for parts, I allmost allways find washers and or an extra lock nut under the thumb wheel, this will disable the lock feature and sometimes damage the rack or pinions. I beleave that the thumb wheel, when proper is rivited to the shaft and I assure you that it will hold up even your most impressive piece of glass. If this does not make since, mail me off line and I'll try to better explain.

-- R.(Mac)McDonald (rmacsteam@aol.com), August 29, 2000.

Dear R.(Mac)McDonald, hidden in your answer was the clue I needed! I had no idea that the front panel even had a lock feature! Well, it works like a charm, and easily keeps that hunk of glass from sliding down.



-- Herb Bauer (herb.bauer@attglobal.net), August 29, 2000.

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