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Information and links for the Casio Camera Watch WQV1.

This is a very new watch, and there are not many pages dedicated to just it.

I have links to utilities I've used in manipulating images from the watch, and additional displays, such as calendars. There are galleries of pictures including panorama's made with the camera watch. I also have a message board for tips and tricks of the WQV1. is the true link. is the preferred link.

-- ken Schmitt (, August 29, 2000


i am having bother uploading images from my watch to the pc, tje red light is flashing on the pad -2 module and the watch is in the correct mode but the pc just cant locate the watch ,any suggestions

the images on the watch are great but ive not seen them on the pc yet

if you can help please email me thank you

david steohen hockney clwveland england

-- david stephen hockney (, December 11, 2000.

I have problem like him, please e-mail to me, please...

-- Nok (, December 23, 2003.

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