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August 29, 2000

Letters to the Editor

Energy reserves dwindling quickly

This year's spike in gas and oil prices signify the third global warning since 1973 that our supply of cheap energy is fast approaching the point of global catastrophe because no one wants to admit the truth which is, ``We are using our remaining reserves of gas/oil/coal faster and faster because of more and more people.''

Time is of the essence because we are now destined to run out of carbon-based energy long before any type of alternative energy can be sufficiently installed to maintain life as we know it.

It is comic relief to read the Pete DuPont opinion piece in the Aug. 21 News Tribune. His finger pointing at the Clinton administration and the Gore/Lieberman team as the reason for high gas prices is strictly political spin. Never, before this administration, have so many tax dollars been committed toward the reduction of global warming gas emissions and the research for alternative energy generation.

And on the same page, John Passacando is blowing smoke if he thinks 60 to 80 miles-per-gallon cars and other such conservation activities will save us from our self-induced plight. That might have worked if we had employed those measures back in 1973 when we got our first warning. It's way past the deadline now.

There are those among us that believe technology will save us. They are counting on windmills, solar-cells, fuel cells, nukes, etc. but they all require energy to build, install and maintain and they all will be more expensive than our cheap oil. This leaves us with the thought that if we were all rich and could afford energy regardless of price; what do we do if there isn't any?

Bill Grazier Hermantown

-- Cave Man (, August 29, 2000

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