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I love Waterworld, and I am not ashamed. I paid to see it in the theatre three times. Full price! Everybody has one that hey love, which is yours?

-- Kymm Zuckert (hedgehog@hedgehog.net), August 29, 2000


Never saw Waterworld, but I do really like The Abyss. I did see the directors cut though, so maybe that was better than the regular one.

I'm personally in love with 'Sleepless in Seattle' and 'Pretty Woman'

-- Colleen (triggirl@yahoo.com), August 29, 2000.

I can watch Son-In-Law every week. I'm not kidding. I can't explain it. It just makes me happy. And I'm with you, Colleen. I think people who disparage movies like S.I.S. and P.W. are just cranky.

-- dora (dora_525@yahoo.com), August 29, 2000.

I like Pretty Women okay, but I hate Sleepless in Seattle, and not because I don't like those kinds of movies, but because I love those kinds of movies, and I had my heart set on it being as good as When Harry Met Sally, which it just wasn't.

-- Kymm Zuckert (kymm.zuckert@impath.com), August 29, 2000.

Okay, Kymm, I concede that S.I.S. is not a better romantic comedy than W.H.M.S.. Because, frankly, I'm not sure that's even possible. (To be better than the latter, I mean.)

I thought of another widely loathed film that I don't hate every scene in. Oh my God, I can't believe I'm even admitting this. But in Kevin Costner's Robin Hood debacle, there was a part when Robin asked Marian if she would do it for her king. She looked at him lovingly and said, "No, but I'd do it for you." Oy! Damn me to hell if I wasn't moved. Plus, I thought Alan Rickman was hilarious. Off to cower in shame now ...

-- dora (dora_525@yahoo.com), August 29, 2000.

A lot of people have picked on "The Perfect Storm," but I loved the movie as much as the book and went to see it three times. I actually thought it was a pretty faithful adaptation of the book, all things considered. And the dialogue wasn't THAT bad. (Compared to "Titanic," which my brother finally forced me to watch this past summer, it was actually almost eloquent.)

However, if this gives any indication of my taste in movies, I also loved "Godzilla"(1998). As I've said before, what do you need with a plot and three-dimensional characters and a witty script when you have THE Godzilla? I actually started to choke up when they finally killed him. As soon as "Godzilla 2000" reaches our buck-a-seat, second-run theater, I will be in the seats with a very large bucket of popcorn.

-- Catriona (catri696@purpleturtle.com), August 29, 2000.

Guilty as charged, Yer Honour! I do indeed love The Abyss, except maybe for that groovy-vanilla ending, which is completely unexplained except in Orson Scott Card's excellent novelization.

One of the things I loved best about it was the flashes of humour, like when the lead character grumbles at M.E.M.'s back, "I hate that bitch," and the sidekick deadpans, "well, then, maybe you shouldn't have married her."

And the moment when they realise only one can make it back without drowning... and what she does... gets me every damn time. Yeah, baby!

-- Cameron (cameron@cimtegration.com), August 29, 2000.

I love "If Lucy Fell" I watch it once a week. And also "Multiplicity". I don't care that everyone hates these movies, I love them to death.

-- Nancey (ndinardi@athm.org), August 29, 2000.

I like "The Abyss," for the humor and, yes, for the drowning-to-survive scene (although the resuscitation scene was just a little over the top, and Michael Biehn's entire performance in that movie pretty much gave me the bends). I'm a sucker for "I cannot believe they're going to do this" scenes, a la the syringe to the heart in "Pulp Fiction" (which I also love, if you truly can "love" that movie -- it doesn't seem an appropriate word). And "Godzilla" was one of the most pleasant surprises I've had as a movie viewer. I saw that film and really wondered what it was that everybody hated. Sure, the script wasn't superb, nor the acting, but the special effects were nice, the mood set by the rainy city was effective, and it was just fun to watch.

-- Charlie (jovi775@yahoo.com), August 30, 2000.

Nothing beats When Harry Met Sally. Most favorite movie of all time.

I loved it even before I fell in love with a guy that I'd known for 7 years before dating him.

It was just all too perfect that it's one of his favorite movies too.

Oh, I'm a sap and my wedding is in 10 days....

-- Colleen (triggirl@yahoo.com), August 30, 2000.

I think I was the only person in the western world that liked _Keeping the Faith_ and the recent _Joan of Arc_. I liked each of them far more than I did that wretched _American Beauty_. So I officially have no taste as far as modern movies go!

-- Dorothy Rothschild (dorothyr@spies.com), August 30, 2000.

I loved Jewel of the Nile. I saw it in the theatre seven times--twice in one day at one point. Hey-I was 15!

-- Amy Lester (amy@petdance.com), August 30, 2000.

The Fifth Element, hey it was basically a live action Heavy Metal comic story. I love it. Every thing I do with love I now say "i used the fifth element". Pretty sick huh?

-- Daniel (truth60@yahoo.com), August 31, 2000.

Coyote Ugly... Nuff said!!!

-- Kate (kate.drenckhahn@tfn.com), September 01, 2000.

I really, really love Drop Dead Fred. I could watch it over and over. Rik Mayall makes me shriek with delight.

-- Saundra (headspace@anywherebeyond.com), September 01, 2000.

Ishtar...I don't care how much over budget it was (which seemed to be the critics' major complaint). Any movie that's smart enough to cast dustin hoffman as the sex symbol and warren beatty as his nerdy friend who can't get a date definitely gets my vote.

-- charla mustard-foote (charla@charla.com), September 01, 2000.

THE BEST...Showgirls. I die laughing every time I see it. That and Drop Dead Fred. Coyote Ugly kicked ass as well, but Showgirls will always have a special place in my video collection. Yeah, yeah...I own it.

-- Linsey (writergirl76@hotmail.com), September 04, 2000.

Creator. Peter O'Toole, Vincent Spano, et al.

-- Laura (windmills@diaryland.com), September 05, 2000.

there was a movie in the 70s, a really cheap japanese sf star wars rip-off, called Message from Space. it was dreadful. it was SO awful that it was wonderful. it was like a fantastic spoof, except it was ment to be serious. i would LOVE to see that movie again.

-- nicole (nicolemrw@go.com), September 05, 2000.

Okay, now i want to make it clear that *i* don't think this was a bad movie, but i'm sure a lot of people would argue that.

Last night i saw "Bring it On". Oh dear God, i loved it so much i would have stayed to watch it again if the ushers hadn't come in, forcing me to leave.

I will probably see it again with my sister or something.

-- Sherry (sherina@masc.ca), September 06, 2000.

Anyone recall that ol' movie, "American Werewolf in London"?? Saw once late at night baby-sitting and just got obsessed with it! Never explain, never apologize....

-- Melanie Hamilton (MissMelanie@postmark.net), September 08, 2000.

OK, mine are "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" gotta watch it every Valentine's Day (don't ask, don't know!) and the totally syrupy-makes me cry everytime "Somewhere in Time" with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. The ultimate chick-flick, a true weeper!

-- Brenda Nelson (beluka@uswest.net), September 16, 2000.

Porky's. I know! And a really bad movie from the 70s called "Drive-In." Also "War of the Gargantuas." Don't ask me why but I love these movies.

-- Bart Tangredi (Bart565@cs.com), September 19, 2000.

"Written on the Wind." It was a hit, Dorothy Malone got Best Supporting Actress, production values to die for. In short, perfect shlock. Pop-Freudianism (that final shot!) directed by refugee soapmeister Douglas Sirk... I love every single thing about the movie, including a line of dialogue (in the courtrrom scene near the end) that was *obviously* written just to get a gasp from the audience, because the script then goes on as if it hadn't happened!

-- john burke (john.burke@mindspring.com), September 19, 2000.

I agree with Laura; CREATOR was boss, even if only 4 people saw it It's hilarious, and you get to find out about "The Big Picture" at no extra cost. Love that great old scallawag Peter O'Toole and Vincent Spano was hot, hot..!

-- Catherine (camahe@bellsouth.com), November 15, 2000.

My favorite movie of all time is Cast Away!!! I just love every part of it! Even though people say it was slow, I think it had a lot of feeling in it. It was beautiful! I guess my favorite 'person' in the whole movie was Wilson! And my favorite part..."I have made FIRE!" I think that speaks for itself! Well, just e-mail me if you like this movie too, chances are if someone else thinks like me we could be friends!!

-- Sasha (halfsmiling@aol.com), June 13, 2001.

i always feel like i should apologise for my sinful love of roger corman movies. but i don't, so i won't. my particular fave is rock n roll high school. mmm.

-- chelsea (pxe2000@yahoo.com), August 29, 2001.

Drop Dead Fred is the best!I saw it for the first time when I was like eight and have loved it ever since.

-- Nikki B. (pipernikki16@hotmail.com), January 02, 2002.

omg drop dead fred totally for over 10 years it has i have 5 copies i love it i even have a drop dead fred doll in the process right now!!!!!!!!!

-- Maddie (brtnbabe3113@hotmail.com), February 24, 2002.

omg i never thought i would find a true drop dead fred fan out there! rik mayall is a classic, i have gone through 4 copies of it because i watch it so much. :)

... that and cruel intentions.

-- sharne lawson (supergirlsharne@hotmail.com), August 11, 2002.

drop dead fred is the greatest movie EVER made, its so funny, i have seen it at least a million times, and still cant get enough!

-- Katie B (spunkyspongbob@aol.com), October 07, 2002.

The Concorde Airport "79. A plot that is beyond description. A third rate cast. Terrible acting. The worse special effects of all time. This was meant to be a serious film but a week after it came out they changed the advertising for it stating that the laughs come as fast as the thrills. Unintentional laughs. Rent this one and Meteor for a double feature. Meteor has the horrible overacting of Martin Landau and Karl Malden. Stock footage that is supposed to pass for the destruction of New York. But it is fun to watch.

-- Mick Crowley (ericstone6@aol.com), December 06, 2002.

Does anyone have a drop dead fred doll or know where I can get one?

-- Donna (cruncher1970@aol.com), October 25, 2003.

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