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Looking at the course syllabus, which topic interests you most, and why?

-- Sharon Gabel (, August 28, 2000


Global Environmental Issues

-- Jessica Ortiz (, September 10, 2000.

Minerals and global environmental issues.

-- Marie Canale (, September 13, 2000.

I would have to say volcanoes because it directly affects me. I know alot of people that live near volcanoes and I would want to learn the most I possibly can about them.

-- Oscar Fernandez (, September 15, 2000.

Sedimentary Rocks and Global Enviromental Issues. Sedimentary Rocks because they serve as a medium to help us better understand the past. Global Enviromental Issues because I'm very interested in learning about the different factors that influence our enviroment.

-- Jeannelle Trudeau (, October 09, 2000.

I would that the most interesting topic to me would be volcanoes. The reason I chose this was it was very fascinating to me, and I also met a girl in this school who had to move from her country because of the numerous volcanoe eurptions. It was also interesting to me that volcanoes also exist under the sea level.

-- Simone Palmer (, November 15, 2000.

I seem to find weathering interesting. Now that we have coverd the topic I would like to know more about it.

-- Loui Cavallini (, November 15, 2000.

The most intersting course topic to me would be weathering. This is because when you live in the city you see a lot of buildings and tomb stones decaying and you never no why. After studing weathering I can say that I knnow the process by which a building is decaying orwhy there are no letterings on a tomb stone.

-- Nana Serwah Adom (, November 19, 2000.

I seem to find rivers interesting.The interesting thing about it is that it travels so far, it has so much force that can effect so many things in its' path, but is so resourceful.

-- Cherise Fields (, November 20, 2000.

The most interesting topic for me is Earthquakes, because I am from Taiwan, I had terrible experients of Earthquakes. I would like to learn more about it.

-- Mei-Ling Chen (, January 29, 2001.

I think that the dating of rocks is an interesting concept. Just the idea that we can look at rocks and rock formations and tell how many thousands of years they have been there just blows my mind.

-- Johanna Besaw (, January 29, 2001.

the most interesting topic to me is earthquakes

-- steven yuspa (, January 29, 2001.

I think that volcanoes are the most interesting. It is remarkable that geologists can determine when one is coming.

-- Kimberly Corkran (, January 31, 2001.

I think that plate tectonics is the most interesting subject, i can't even begin to imagine how geologist thought of that idea, but it does explain alot of things about the earth and why certain phenomenon happen, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

-- Sokhoeun Khy (, February 04, 2001.

Coastal Processes and the Oceans are the most interesting topics to me. The ocean fascinates and frightens me at the same time. Too bad we probably won't get to it this semester.

-- Michael Carpenter (, February 05, 2001.

i'm really intereseted in learning about the process in which coal turns into diamonds. i am so astonished by this natural occurance.

-- Joseph L. Cook (, February 06, 2001.

I am most interested in learning about weathering and erosion. I spend a great deal of time kayaking and backpacking and it is very interesting to notice the changes that can occur in a particular area in a period of just one year's time due to the changes in weather and seasons.

-- Ian Craig (, February 09, 2001.

I am looking forward to the next topic, volanoes. I remember studying Earth Science in Junior High and not getting into volcanic activity as much as I had wished. It is amazing to think about how peaceful the earth is at times and how volatile it can be at others.

-- Adele Basile (, February 19, 2001.

I would have to say that the most interesting subject to me would have to be earthquakes. Much like other natural occurrences earthquakes occur unexpectedly and there repercussions are horrible. The idea that a natural distruction can happen in just seconds is interesting to me.

-- Nick Duval (, February 21, 2001.

I think that my favorite topics in Geology would be volcanoes and Plate Tectonics. I have just always found the pictures and videos and things that I have seen with volcanoes, amazing. I like learning about the process and things that happen in the earth that make a volcano happen. For plate tectonics I think that it is cool the thought of how the mountains are formed by the moving plates colliding.

-- Kathleen Belus (, February 22, 2001.

I think that the study of the three types of rocks interests me most because I think it is fascinating that you can look at a mountain and know what it is made of and for how long it has been there, etc.

-- Erin Varley (, February 25, 2001.

i would have to say that the most interesting topic for me personelly would have to be about glaciers. this is because it astounds me to think of an ice age where glaciers moved across continents. what would trigger and adavance and would could possibly make it retreat?

-- craig garrison (, February 28, 2001.

I think the most interesting topic is rivers because although they are much smaller than say, oceans, they are still very powerful, eventhough they do not look it.

-- Lauren Gallinger (, May 02, 2001.

I think that the most intresting topic is +++ learning how to +++ is a pleasure. It is now a hobby, easpeshaly at school with mickilar

-- Robert ++++ (, December 02, 2003.

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