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I had my top score deleted on Cosmo Gang because it did not play at regulation speed, although the game only slows up on the fading in and out?!?!?

The other scores for this game have been left alone, not going to mention any names, but the other scores did exactly the same as my recording by they remain posted?!?!?

Where should the line be drawn???

Some of the large Tatio games are unplayable with autoframe skip?!?

This is not because I have a slow machine, it's the way that the game is emulated, ie: not %100

How can people justify uploading scores with huge frame skips, this is not a true representation of the original arcade machine??

If u did watch my recording, the actual in-game play was done @ a fair speed!

Anyway, nuff said


-- game guru (, August 28, 2000


Curiosity got the better of me and I played this game. Besides being a cute Galaga spinoff, I didn't really have any problems playing. I used DOS MAME36 Final and no sound, and in my monitoring I found no slowdown at all during the game. In fact, I had horsies to spare.

If you're having trouble with a slow game, I'd suggest using an earlier version of MAME or turning sound off. Frameskip shouldn't be necessary with the setup you describe (I have a 700 MHz Athlon, 96 megs of RAM).

Cheers, Brian McLean

-- Brian McLean (, August 28, 2000.

Game Guru: The slowdown was detected during actual gameplay, NOT during idle moments. And please don't tell me that while you recorded it, you had speed display (F11) on and were watching it all the time. If you had, you would have seen it drop below acceptable speeds lots of times during gameplay.

And "MARP uploads not being a true representation of the actual machine" sounds very strange coming from someone who has tried just about every trick in the book (tricks not available on the actual machine, such as slowdown, autofire, RLH, playing with more lives than default, etc.) to get higher scores on MARP... . How do YOU justify THAT? Besides, huge frameskips make games actually harder, not easier...

As for drawing the line: The point is that the playing field should be even for everyone. In this case, that means that autofire, slowdown, etc. are not allowed. How would YOU feel if people used all kinds of tricks to beat YOUR scores? And this really is the only way, because, trust me, a MARP where people are allowed to do whatever they want to get higher scores requires very little gameplaying skill, just takes up a lot of time, and gets boring really soon.

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Ben Jos Walbeehm (, August 28, 2000.

Do not worry game guru.

I beat your top score of cosmo gang the video not to disappointed

your score will unconfirmed.

anyhow, beat the score of mine which has very small difference.

-- Rank-71 (, September 15, 2000.

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