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I'm currently in the process of revising the ER frequently asked questions document, in the hopes that more people will read it and stop cluttering this forum (and my mailbox) with the same questions over and over again. This is a difficult process. I have to think like someone who doesn't know a think about the show, and for anyone who's been around for six years, that's not an easy task.

My primary interest right now is in fixing up one of the most pathetic sections of the FAQ (and the one that might spare me the most frustration) -- section six, also known as "The Music of ER." The main problem is that this section hasn't been touched more or less since I took the FAQ over from Bams almost 18 months ago, save for a few key pointes that I introduced in the hopes that people would go away and leave me alone. (It didn't work.)

What I'd like to accomplish with this particular section is fairly simple: A complete listing of the music from every episode. Unfortunately, I have no tape archive, so I can't go back and take notes. I'm also very stupid, so even if I had such an archive, there's no way I could identify every last song in the show. (I bet you know where this is going..)

So I need your help. Please take a look at the relevant section of the FAQ and see if there's anything you can contribute. If there's something missing that you know about, send e-mail (don't follow-up to this post) to and include the episode name, the song title and artist (and album, if known), and the scene specification (eg, "the song playing when Knight and Carter got stabbed") if necessary.

I'm also sort of taking suggestions for new entries into the FAQ. They can be sent to the same address as above, but this isn't my primary goal right now; we'll deal with that later.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

-- Mike Sugimoto (, August 28, 2000


It seems like there are three questions about music ALWAYS being asked-I'll give the song/artist. What was the infamous song where Carter and Lucy got stabbed? (Battleflag by the Lo-Fidelity Allstars). What was the song that plays with Doug and Carol at the end of Such Sweet Sorrow? (Taking You Home by Don Henley). And the last one, I hear a lot, what is the song in the beginning of Such Sweet Sorrow? (Letting the Cables Sleep by Bush). These are three very popular questions, you might already have them. I hope this helps a little. And the song that plays in AITF with everyone in Doc Magoo's is something by Santana, I have to look up the name. :)

-- Emily (, August 28, 2000.

Emily, The Santana song playing during Lucy's first and last episode was 'Samba Pa Ti' - which someone told me means 'Party for you'. It played during Lucy's first eppy where she was sitting with the brain- dead firefighter in the ER. Then, at Doc Magoo's when Chuny told everyone she (Lucy) had died.

-- Lolina (, August 29, 2000.

OK I hope this doesn't make it more confusing but.. it seems like a lot of people asked about the Simon and Garfunkel song when Mark had his dad on the boat and did the Carol and Doug theme music have a name or it is just "their music"? I know a lot of you all out there will know this right off the bat.

-- joan (, August 29, 2000.

I think these answers are already on the FAQ, but anyway...

The Simon and Garfunkel song played for Mark and his dad is called "Bookends". The Doug and Carol theme music is on the ER soundtrack CD and is simply called "Doug and Carol".

-- S. Trelles (, August 30, 2000.

You might want to try Tony's ER Webpage ( or The Lounge ( They both have full lists of, as far as I can tell, every *song* that has ever been played (that is, not the instrumental things) on the show.

-- Elizabeth Routledge (, July 07, 2001.

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