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Category: Government Date: 1999-07-21 12:03:52 Subject: Ms. Hillary Will Be Facing Y2K Backlash Comment: When it comes to political predictions, I'm the North American Review of modern forecasters. But here's my two cents' worth.

Hillary Clinton will not be nominated for the U.S. Seante race. She won't even run. Her husband will be the most hated man in America by next spring. Y2K will have closed the stock market, bond market, T-bill market, and every other digital market. The dreams of 200 million adult Americans will be in ruins. He will be in the midst of a monumental political crisis, and it will not be getting better. Herbert Hoover, by comparison, will be viewed as a pretty popular fellow in '32.

The Democrat who runs will get to face a Republican in the winter of 2000. If there is an election, he will be trounced. The problem will be the technical difficulty of running an election in 2000. It will not be computerized. The public will not trust computers.

In 1975, Adam Osborn warned not to trust three fields to computers: banking, the stock market, and elections. (See his book, Running Wild.) The public wilol have learned its lesson about the first two by November, 2000.

-- cpr (, August 27, 2000

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