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Does anyone live near Jax. Fl.? I've lived here all my life (32 years) and now we just don't fit in any more!! All the city people moving in and trying to make this city into Atlanta. If you have animals you are considered white trash. It's the pits.

We are looking for some property within 1 hour of Jax. since this is where we work. Does anyone know of land for sale in Hilliard, Baker Co. or Lawtey?

Hope to hear from some Fl people!

-- Sandy Fisher (, August 27, 2000


Sandy, depends on which fer-sale ad you see. I watch them, every now and then. One ad may offer a simply lovely double wide with a barn or shop, for 99K. Then again, I have seen a single wide, with more acreage offered at 35K. Sandy, you are over in Mandarin? Hoity-Toity subdivision, from all passer-bys. Except I have a connection there, from the heart. It has been a life's experience. Good Luck to you. Got a local 2 acres with two manufactured homes, one single,(rented) one older double.(not mine) fer-sale out here in Middleburg (GASP!). think asking is 65K. Place been fer-sale for so long, phone number has washed off. I know what you mean about people viewing you as an oddity for a having a pet, something other than the norm. I have been the joke of the office for having a few ducks, while some paid big bucks, to live in a closed gate retreat, while they "enjoy" those ugly ducks, whose face looks like it is sliding off their scalp. I have beautiful, white ducks. Guess it depends, on how you look at it.

-- Land is for sale (, September 03, 2000.

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