Long delay between exposure and development?

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Are there some films that are suffer less than other films from the deleterious effects of long delay between exposure and development? I'm going to be traveling for almost three months, and the notion of lugging developing equipment along is daunting. Films I currently plan on using are (35 mm) TX and (120) TX, Verichrome and APX 100.

-- Paul (osprey@bmt.net), August 27, 2000


Response to Arnold

I wouldn't worry about either film. I've indadvertantly "lost" rolls of film in camera cases by sticking them in an odd compartment that was convienent at the moment - and discovered them 6 months later. I've developed the film and noticed no ill effects between exposure and development at that interval. Mostly, I'd try to not let the film get heat soaked when it's stored until development. You may have to buy foam coolers or keep it tucked away in your luggage - but that's about all you should have to do.

The real effect on the film from delaying development for long periods of time, is an overall build-up of fog over the whole image. But, I've developed film for people that has been found in drawers etc., and even the roll that was shot in the 1930's wasn't all that bad. Had a REAL bad curl to it from being rolled up - didn't want to come out even when the film was wet.

-- steve (s.swinehart@worldnet.att.net), August 31, 2000.

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