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-- (dal-d@ducksR.us), August 27, 2000


I'll bet he'll stay captivated for longer than a couple of minutes.

-- ceep (gotta@love.him), August 27, 2000.

He hasn't posted in the last four hours now, has he?

-- (dal-d@duckR.us), August 27, 2000.

No, he hasnt, because he is busy at the y2k thread he is studying, and getting ready to post. Give him time.

-- (duck@arent.us), August 27, 2000.

Here kiddies. Sharpen up your reading skills before you try to move on to Middle School this year. LINK-for-TWITS


Even Greenspun's code for the thread has a message for you bird brains: iFu.

-- cpr (buytexas@swbell.net), August 27, 2000.

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