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I left my ex husband in Jan 1994, went to the bank to take my name of the mortgage and was told I coudln't because it was in arrears. I knew nothing about any arrears (that was down to my ex). I couldn't afford to pay the arrears of to could clear my name - I just had to go with the flow. The house got repossessed the following summer (95) and I even went to see it being auctioned off (at a loss of #8k on the sale price). It appears that I am still going with the flow, waiting on a letter, or a Sheriff's Officer appearing, or whatever normally happens. I know about the '6 year rule' and it has haunted me for 5 years now. I've managed to scrap through without buying a house but now I feel I can't wait another year. It's been a long haul. I understand that although I knew nothing about the arrears, it was a joint mortgage and I am still liable. I still work in the same place, and don't understand why I have had NO contact from anyone AT ALL, EVER. I've sent off for my credit file every year since with nothing, and through my financial affairs I have no knock-backs. My credit looks good. Could someone please tell me what the 'usual' procedure concerning letters etc normally is? Should I have received some letter about the default or something telling me what I was due? Or does this mean the bank have written it off? PLEASE give me some advice - (lawyer just said ride with it 4 years ago - "don't want to rock the boat").

-- Anonymous (, August 27, 2000


With regards to the 'usual' procedure concerning letters form the lender regarding any outstanding balance or any further action they are taking, I would suggest speaking to 'The National Association of Mortgage Victims' on 01889 507394 who should be able to advise you of the procedure. As the repossession was over three years ago, you would be able to obtain a new mortgage even with an outstanding balance. We are a broker specialising in this area. If you would like to conatct us, please visit our website @ or call us on 01202 312900.

-- James Byrne (, August 31, 2000.

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