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Actually, I KNOW there are lots here from Wisconsin. But I couldn't find the old thread that someone mentioned, something like "where are you from". Plus I believe there are lots of people that have joined since then.

I live in southern Wisconsin, Dane Co., and must confess I am still at the wannabe stage. I've lived in Wisconsin all my life except for 1.5 years in Missouri (St. Louis area) -- the first half in northern Wisconsin and the second half here in Dane Co.

I currently am gardening in containers on my deck. For various reasons, didn't get much done in that area this year, just tomatoes and herbs, but last year I grew more, including potatoes (a first for me).

Don't have any firm ideas yet about where I want to end up, but I am rather reluctant to leave Wisconsin.

Those of you (cheeseheads or not) a little bit familiar with me from previous postings, I want to alert you and head off any confusion. My sister has just started reading and posting on this forum too, so if you see two Froelich's, that is why! Any further description of her will have to come from herself.

Will the rest of you post please? Thanks!

-- Joy Froelich (, August 26, 2000


Hi, I'm in Grant Co. and work in Madison at The Emergency Clinic for Animals. Its a 90 mile drive each way, but there is nothing out here for me to do. I am originally from Chicago and moved out to my half-assed homestead 3 1/2 years ago. Maybe if I could stop taking in every stray and sick animal that I see, I could get down to some real homesteading. Alas, that will never happen, I just can't say no LOL Dianne

-- Dianne (, August 27, 2000.

Hi! I'm new to the forum, too, but we live in Rock county. Husband and I have both lived here all our lives, so I know what you mean about spite of the high taxes and cost of land, Wis. is a great place to live. We are farmers, corn and soybeans, no livestock, yet. My husband is also a trucker, as its hard to make a living just farming with the prices here so high. We have 3 kids, and like the lady above, assorted pets, that we keep finding and rescueing! I will write more later...but its going to be fun reading who else is in Wis! Take Care, Carrie in Wis

-- Carrie W. (, August 27, 2000.

My husband and I live in north central Wisconsin near a small town named West Bloomfield in Waushara County.We have both lived in Wisconsin all our lives. We moved from the city 7 years ago and couldn't bring ourselves to live around all that noise again.We have an old homestead and my husband works for the dairy industry.We have no livestock, and we like to garden.

-- Ardie Storch (, August 27, 2000.

Joy, I live in central Wisconsin with my 2 teenage girls. I lost my husband suddenly 2 yrs. ago and have cut back considerably on the homesteading. We don't go thru near as much food and I've tried to simplify our lives to some degree. Instead of raising pork and chicken, we now are into beef, have a couple horses and still have our hens. I sold the goats a while back because we couldn't keep up with the milk and wanted a little more freedom from the farm. I've homeschooled our girls all their lives but are trying a Christian school this year. Kind of a last minute decision. I'll be volunteering at the school and working part-time 2 days a week. We've made several changes since my husband has been gone but still struggle with his absence. Hope I'm making the right decision about this schooling. If all else fails, we can always go back to homeschooling.

-- Pat (, August 27, 2000.

Hello.... Joy....

Naturally you know where I live... near Stevens Point... however... the rest of these folks don't...

I was wondering if anyone was from the Virquoa/Gay Mills area???

I seemed drawn to that area knowing it is alternative in thoughts and living... personally for myself... I would rather be in an area more open to differences than uptight religious communities...

I have been having itchy feet lately... okay... itchy feet for about 5 years... have looked at land in Nebraska, Kansas, and just last week Missouri... prices are something else...

then again... maybe I should just be content and stay here...

-- Mary Ann (, August 29, 2000.

Add my name to the list. I am in Iowa County, on the Dane cty edge. We have 80 acres and are building an old house, and looking forward to the day we can get it done and start on the barn. Right now the house is holding while we do some fencing.

We have chickens, sheep, collies, and a cat. We also rent pasture to neighbors, their herfords all to frequently show up as lawn ornaments or garden fertilizers. Planning to expand into goats some day too.

As for myself, there is no place I would rather be. I am reading Gene Logsdon's book "You can go home again" - and this is HOME.(I recommend the book)

Tami in WI

-- Tami Bowser (, August 29, 2000.

Greetings Joy!

I'm in Green County, on fifty acres and I'm taking the place back to organic. Don't know if I'll spend the $$$ to certify, but I'll know it's chemical free and so will my customers. Didn't do a garden this year but I've got livestock coming out of my ears, well not really, but I've got to get rid of some before winter comes!

How wanna-be are you? I might be interested in selling off a few acres in the not too distant future.

TTYS Karen

-- Karen Raymond (, August 29, 2000.

Joy, we live in NW Wisconsin. Small town of South Range. 20 acres and some chickens, modest size garden, pole barn and wood fired sauna. Public school this year, home school next year. Our younger daughter has a mild form of cp, and we LOVE not being in the city anymore. We have only been out here for two years, and would never go back to the city.

Hang in there, and keep working toward getting to the country. Yo will never regret it. Steve

-- Steve Collins (, September 01, 2000.

Wow, I thought we were all alone up here in Douglas County! Steve must be a very close neighbor. Building a house, chickens, ducks, geese, 2 dogs, 2 cats, husband, future sheep and goats. Nice to see so many Wisconsin people here.

-- Peg (NW WI) (, September 02, 2000.

Hi, I know what you mean by not wanting to leave WI! I was born and raised in the very small town of Plum City which nobody has heard of i'm sure! Grew up with lots of cattle, pigs, and lots of good fresh country air. When my dad died and my marriage fell apart, I and my 4 kids moved to Menomonie area. Now the kids are almost grown (but will be my babies forever!) My room mate and I have a nice house in the small town of Elk Mound, WI and recently purchases 5 acres near Minong, WI. For now we have a big garden here. 2 dogs a cat assorted birds. I miss my little hobby farm but am happy here. Would love to here from other womyn in this area. Especially those that hold the CountrySide philosophy. Take Care Barb

-- Barb (WILDETMR@YAHOO.COM), September 03, 2000.

Barb, I've been to Plum City many times. Husband's Mom and Dad live there.We'll probably retire there someday!

-- Peg (NW WI) (, September 04, 2000.

I'm from River Falls Wisconsin, Pierce County. I work on a holstein dairy farm up here and train horses between milkings


-- Suzanne (, March 24, 2001.

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