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It is too late to have enough for this winter.

There is a energy shortage worldwide. Why? Why? Why? The games we play.

-- kaz (oilshortages&recession@usa.real), August 26, 2000


I have been right before I will be right again.There will be no recession.I am a guru of this forum and anyone that says anything different is just pulling themselves.I AM THE KNOWITALL.

-- cpr (, August 26, 2000.

why don't you go back to selling soy beans and stuff with your budy Greg Caton.

-- paz (mo@betta.blues), August 26, 2000.

CPR for PREZ yeah baby

-- (cpris@cool.byme), August 27, 2000.

Kaz's "recession"

Doomzie "recession" to hit hard: One-Third of U.S. Employers to Hire Workers : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread
Of course, its not 100% will add workers. IPSO FACTO in DOOM THEORY "recession". Better stock up on rice and beans to get through the "hard times".

One-Third of U.S. Employers to Hire Workers-Survey August 28, 2000 1:50 am EST Provided by MILWAUKEE, Wis. (Reuters) - Nearly one-third of U.S. employers expect to hire more workers in the fourth quarter despite a labor shortage, a survey released on Monday said. The outlook reflects the highest year- end demand for workers in 25 years, according to a quarterly employment outlook survey conducted by Manpower Inc. (MAN.N), a Milwaukee, Wis.-based temporary employment company. Of the 16,000 companies polled, 32 percent of employers said they plan employment increases while only 7 percent plan to cut staff, according to the survey. The report also said that 57 percent of employers anticipate no change while 4 percent are uncertain. The fourth quarter is typically a less- active hiring period than spring and summer, Manpower said. "Removing the impact of seasonal variation, the upcoming period is particularly significant," Jeffrey Joerres, Manpower's president and chief executive officer, said in a statement. Manpower said the wholesale and retail industry showed the strongest demand for workers as they seek holiday help. In fact, 41 percent of the companies in the industry surveyed expect to hire new workers and 6 percent anticipated cutbacks. Hiring activity for the country's transportation and public utility companies is the highest in 21 years, with 30 percent of the companies planning to hire new workers and 7 percent anticipating staffing cuts. Manpower also said that only the construction industry failed to meet the same hiring levels as last year. (YEAH REAL BAD. INTEREST RATES WENT UP SO WHAT DID THEY EXPECT?)

-- cpr (, August 28, 2000.

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