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Plot to target reactor foiled
Source: AAP
Published: Saturday August 26, 10:02 AM

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New South Wales police have been briefed on a foiled terrorist plot targeting Australia's Lucas Heights nuclear reactor during the Olympic Games.

New Zealand detectives reportedly foiled the plot - by Afghan sympathisers of terrorist Osama Bin Laden - to attack the reactor at Lucas Heights in Sydney's south.

The New South Wales police service is aware of an investigation conducted by New Zealand police into the activities of an organised group in New Zealand, a NSW police spokesman said today.

As to normal protocols, New Zealand police have fully briefed their NSW counterparts on their findings.

The New Zealand Herald reported today that Auckland police raided a New Zealand home which had been converted into a virtual command centre, with detailed maps of Sydney and notes on police security tactics for the Auckland Commonwealth Games.

The newspaper also claimed Australian authorities were taking the discovery seriously and may order the reactor to shut down during the Games.


Arab boatpeople were released from Woomera detention enmasse recently.

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-- Pieter (, August 26, 2000

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