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As a first time visitor to the site, I am horrified at the number of queries for pesticides. Any pesticide, whether organic or not, is merely a stop gap reaction. It is never a solution. I have found that it takes about 3 years for the ecology to rebalance itself after you STOP using pesticides completely. You may need to take other action, such as planting habitat for native birds and animals as well, but those of us who care enough to be organic surely care enough to allow space on our properties for the local natives. In that time, yes, you will lose a substantial portion of what you plant - but afterwards you will be truly organic, letting nature deal with everything in the balance which was intended. And if you have to plant a little extra to feed the beasties who are helping you be organic, is that such a hassle?

-- Cheryl Durand (, August 25, 2000

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