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I move that continues be disallowed on this game immediately, and that we can then delete all the recordings that use them.

This is really ridiculous. I suck at fighters. I had never played the game before. I had never even *seen* it before, yet, I finished it and maxed out the score using a few dozen continues. This has nothing to do with skill. Even a two-year old, given a few hours and randomly pressing buttons (and maybe a parent inserting coins constantly) can finish this game this way and max it out.

Just because someone said that TG settings for this game are that "continues are allowed until the inevitable end" doesn't mean they *really* are. I highly doubt that these are the official TG settings anyway, and even in the ridiculously unlikely case that those are the settings, they shouldn't be allowed on MARP.

I am sorry for the people who will lose a free #1 score on MARP, but, once more, this has nothing to do with skill, just like the other freebies that have been banned from MARP. If I were patient enough, I'd even let my cat walk over my HotRod long enough for him to max out the score, just to prove my point, or one my dogs pound the Ctrl key on the keyboard in my lap.

I think that anybody who disagrees and thinks that "as many continues as you like" on this game (baddudes) should be allowed is someone who is afraid to lose a #1 score, or was looking forward to getting one.


Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Ben Jos Walbeehm (, August 24, 2000


Haha i fully agree with you Ben Jos! My Baddudes score is already deleted.. (Laughing at your talk about making your pets finish the game*lol*)



-- QRS (, August 24, 2000.

Let's clean them. It really cheapens the efforts of players like BBH, who DIDN'T use continues.

-- Q.T.Quazar (, August 24, 2000.

use the fuckin continues asshole

-- jdd (, June 13, 2003.

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