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i have several stock certificates of 100 shares each of the "seaboard airline railway company" issued in 1943. they have not been transfered, punched or cancelled in any way. i am trying to find out if this co. merged, went out of business, etc. and if this stock has any value or can be converted into another co. stock. i would appreciate any info. you could give me. thanks.

-- robert morris (, August 24, 2000


I doubt it. The company was still in bankruptcy until re-organized either in 1945 or 46. II would imagine that at that time the stock was worthless. It may have some value as a colectable however, something I might be interested in. If I were you I would double check with a brokerage just to be sure. John Edwards

-- John Edwards (, August 25, 2000.

The Seaboard Air Line merged with the Atlantic Coast Line on July 1,1967.I don't know if the stock has any value.

-- J Oates (jlosal@, August 25, 2000.

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