Speeders we ARE watching out for our children and pets

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While I don't like the idea of big brother spying,creepy, ain't it! speeding in a residential area is a prelude to murder. If you see a neighbor speeding contact them or if you'd rather be anonymous contact the Wackenhut folks and have them talk to the careless driver. Be sure to post the info so we know who to watch out for. This could be used as a history for a court case of reckless endangerment.

For the title use SPEEDER and the license plate number, ie SPEEDER AAA-000. Include Any driver ID [age, sex, attitude], car make, color, date / time and location and what happened. And if you contacted them and how it was resolved.

-- (pheasantwalk@worldnet.att.net), August 24, 2000


We live on Tortoise Shell Drive which is most definitely NOT a through street to any other - most of the cars that we see on the street are purely neighborhood vehicles. However, over the past couple of weeks, there have been instances of young boys speeding down the street. There are just over a dozen kids living on our street - six of them being under the age of six years old. Most evenings, the kids are out playing in each other's front yards, supervised of course by us, the parents.

When I see these young lads whizzing down our street at speeds of what must be around 40-45 mph, I am so concerned for the safety of our children. The other day, I yelled out to one of the boys to slow down and all I got in return was the finger and a stream of abuse - pretty scary.

We are trying our best to get the tag numbers of these vehicles but as they are going too fast, it's very difficult to see that quickly, let alone try and make out what sort of car they are driving.

I hope this letter alerts other concerned parents out there in our community. We have to do something to stop the speeding and keep our children safe.

-- Jane Salimbene (jsalimbene@pinecrest.edu), August 14, 2002.

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