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how do you get a rave started. can a rave thrower help me here

-- Anonymous, August 24, 2000


first off, do some networking, introduce yourself to some people who throw parties, to the djs. get to know these people.

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2000

several things are important. find a place no one will bother you. suburbs are great, construction lots for new developments are good too, tell every one you know and have them tell every one they know etc.. get some real good stereo equipment, if its indoor get a fog machine and lasers, try and find a Dj, no luck, get 5 hour long songs off napster, house connection, derrick carter so forth,and have them on continious play. dont stop untill every one leaves. SEll water youl make a shit load of money

-- Anonymous, December 24, 2000

if your having a "rave" with no djs, i wouldnt show up. and i wouldnt pay for water if your not paying for djs.

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2001

hahahaha, thats so fucking gay. you neeeeed a dj. alot more then 1.

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2001

If you don't have friends who DJ and don't have the money for DJ's, forget calling it a rave. You might as well flyer it as a rave-like circuit party. You'll still get party kids and of course all your friends and all their friends, but don't lure people to your venue claiming a rave and then piss them off with pre-sorted, continuous tracks. I've thrown a couple circuit parties with over a 100 in a small area, and they are easier to get by cops eyes, so you can still do it. It's a great way to start, just make sure people know what they are paying for and set the price appropriately, most of mine go over pretty good at $3-$5 a person. PS: you better get damn good sound equipment too...

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

well You do need DJ's if not a Dj and your right about a shizzy load of mulla !!!! so if you need a DJ and Sound Equipment contact me CYALUME i spin Hard house and Progressive trance I also have some light ing im willing to show and play! so contact me if your in the N.C./S.C. area! also I have several flier covers to be used so lets get it on and spin all night long!

-- Anonymous, September 05, 2001

I owuldnt come if u didnt have a Dj u fuckin asshole, go to hell

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2002

Hey would it be cool if you had someone, with a computer and he djed on that (with a special beat program)would that be alright.

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2002

I just moved to charleston sc and would like to meet some party kids. So far everyone i've met is really ghetto. please help

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2002

don't use a computer, I did that. After about 4 hours of mixing on pc dj or what ever you have, Your computer will start giving a distortion sound every time you cross over to another song. maybe I used up all my ram and my computer needed to optimize.

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2002

You are all rather stupid if you don't know how to throw a rave. A rave is an event where every possible person from every possible background is bound to turn up. there are these main points to consider. P.S. I know my stuff I've thrown well over 250 raves in the U.K. dating back to the 80's when acid house was really kicking off. I'm presently in a well known band called the prodigy! Ring any bells?

Remember these points and you'll be a god to clubgoers and ravelovers: Security; bouncers on the door who'll be willing to stand for hours collecting money. MAKE THEM TRUSTWORTHY!

Location: discretion is vital. you don't want the pigs turning up!

Beer + Water: Absolutely vital you charge the appropriate amount of money, sensible not pricy, but enough to make a bit of extra cash!

Girls: they dance all night they make the dj feel good when he has 10 either side of him.

Sound system: anything under 1000 watts aint worth the time or money to hire and set up!

DJ's; note the plural, you have to have a broad spectrum of music nowadays to please everyone so get hiphop drum and bass house and trance NO TECHNO unless you like junkies!!!!!

Thats about it. thanks for reading. from ?

-- Anonymous, January 20, 2003

How do you go about getting a location.... do you jus have to call all the warehouse property managers and personally ask them permition.... I know that it would not go over very well to say .."hey I need to rent your warehouse for one night to throw on hellofa huuuuge party" how do you get around this??????? I have 3 djs a large system and well lotsa beer help

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2003

Hey what's up---Yeah if u want to throw a rave make sure to have a good line up of DJ's and specify what type of music will be played ( House, trance, jungle, etc). It's good to spread the word through fliars and emails but don't give away the address to the venue, give directions to a map point where u or a friend can give directions to the actual place that the party will be held. It's important to make sure to to advise people not to bring drugs in (liabilty reasons). If u have a hook-up who owns land that's far from civiliztion, it's easier not to get busted. Sound equipment is an essential as well as lighting! If it's gonna be an outdoor it's a good idea to have tents ( lighting effects) and make sure to have a chill-out area with fruit and water and perhaps a DJ spinning slower house music. REMEMBER-THE RAVE CULTURE IS OPEN MINDED AND LOVING--DON'T TAKE THE ADVICE OF THE HATERS WHO'S POSTS CATEGORIZED PEOPLE AS IDIOTS-- THAT'S SO NOT COOL. Good luck and I hope it works out for u!!

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2003


-- Anonymous, August 12, 2003

seeing as not one of these posts has taught anybody anything, maybe I should take a stab and share experiences. the main thing, in my opinion, is to be smart. the days of breaking into a warehouse, rigging up a sound system, and trashing the place are over, kiddies. sorry. let's keep the rave scene moving...THROW YOUR OWN PARTY! here's a general idea how.

1) have plenty of money to spend upfront (anything under $1000 I consider a house party...BUT you have to start somewhere!)

2) VENUE ... find a venue either through somebody you know (preferrably) or if you really have your shit together talk to a real estate agent about available buildings. be smart. get a permit. get a tax id (if you make your money legally and pay the city what they want they are more likely to a) leave you alone, b) respect the scene. have an inspector come out to the building and tell you how many people it can legally hold.

3) MUSIC ... local dj's are ALWAYS looking for a place to get their name out and alot of the time play for free. want better dj's? it will cost you money. how much is dependent on soooo many things, but mainly the dj. if you want Paul Oakenfold to spin at your party you better be willing to pay about $5000 or more (on just the dj). most dj's with some reputation sign on with a production company, i.e. an agent. that is who you want to contact. as far as a sound system, yeah that's tricky. usually you have to own it or have people contribute...or if you have money you can rent it. talk to dj's to get a better idea about what kind of sound system you will need for x size venue.

4) be smart. you want everybody there to be safe. make sure their is PLENTY of water available. running out of water is a HUGE mistake. besides, you make money off the sales. also, once your events get larger you must consider having paramedics/an ambulance available. hire security. hell, a party that I am helping throw now is going to hire a couple of cops to be there AND an entire professional security staff. See, about the police/city...people don't realize that it is better to work WITH them instead of against them, if possible.

5) protect yourself. talk to an attorney about legal issues you may face, specifically an entertainment attorney. a huge part of protecting yourself goes back to the whole getting permits, a tax id, etc. etc.

6) don't be shady. i know production companies that would bring their own drug dealers to their parties to make extra profit. its not worth it. don't do it. those people are the low-lifes that give our scene a bad name. i'm not saying that drugs are bad. I love drugs (in responsible use), but selling drugs at your own party is bogus. also, if you make a ton of money consider putting that money to good use. offer discounts to people who bring canned goods. donate it to charities (this gives your party a much better reputation and helps shut the cops up). start a non-profit organization. start a fund. whatever, but don't be greedy. give back!!!

well, that is about all I have to say. if you really want to start throwing parties, go to a rave and find out who is throwing it and talk to the person. ravers are generally very friendly. you might even be surprised how relatively easy it is to throw one.

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2003

Hey there party people (pump it up!). My name is Brooks and I've been spinning records for close to three years now, mainly epic trance and cheese ass 80's remix breakbeats... You know, rave music. Anyways, I'm really intending to throw a party on July 10th in the Northern Colorado foothills or Rocky Mountains. Problem is, most land up there is either privately owned or govt. owned. In which case I could see my ass landing in jail for doing this. I did have a friend tell me about something called BLM Land--Bureau of Land Management Land. He mentioned something along the lines of BLM meaning more or less public land that isn't so controlled. In any case, was wondering if anyone might have anymore info about that? I'm not so sure myself.

Here's everything else. It helps to be able to do most of the work yourself. I want my party to be called Red Lights and Late Nights, so I'm going to use MSPublisher to make a shitton of well designed catchy fliers that I will print on red paper... w/ black ink cause it cheaper. I think selling water is terrible, but selling beers or fruit drinks is totally acceptable. Also, yeah... DJ's are more or less the core of the whole event, so try to snag some good ones for free. Most DJ's in my town will spin for free, and my policy is to always spin for free . . . BEER! Drug dealers are iffy, specify on flyers that drugs/alcohol/weapons/fighting will absolutely not be tolerated--under the assumption that any of those things could turn up. Ravers love the fruit thing, and ravers love drugs. Loudness is key, and truly good music. Here's the shit, in order of importance:

The Quintessential Elements of Party 1.)Venue - the hardest to come by. 2.)Sound - this includes the turntables/mixers/stereo/big speakers and of course, the deejay. 3.)Security - those fratboy thickneck gentlemen that enjoy briskly removing any threat to the security of the rave. 4.)People - without them, there is no party. This includes advertising and fliers. 5.)Drugs - I mean, come on. How much fun will they have without any?

Much love, and God bless the ravers.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2004

hey ravers im bubbles from scotland and the best raves get throwen in scotland so ill tell u how to throw a great rave first of all uz others say haven a dj is important is it hell what is important is to have good beats comin from a load good system. and haven alot of ravers is better without a lot of ravers the rave is to quite and boring.drugs are also great at raves it makes it all the more enjoyable.....make sure to have a supply of water for those comin out of there drug hype

rave is load music drugs buckfast and no 5/0

and playing bonkers and happy hardcore makes a great rave

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2004

@bubbles. ur rong a DJ is always imporatant. The most important thing. if theres no DJ then whats the point in going. with a DJ its attracts ppl coz they cant have a live DJ spinning in their living room. but they can play bonkers.

im a DJ who likes to throw a party. me DJ VIPPA and ma m8 DJ SWIRVE through parties all the time. and we DJ them our selves. w tried playing music in between our sets but ppl wernt impressed all they wanted was us to continue spinnin and not having breaks in between. took us till our third party to realise that we dnt get a break. we are always busy.

As for venue jus look around. when u r drivin along in ya ride look for places which have potential.

ALWAYS stick to the law. ive been fined so far a total on bout 12K for throwin illegal raves and have had thousands upon thousands of pounds worth of equipment siezed by the police. it isnt worth u gettin ur technics or numark or pioneer decks siezed afta uve paid that much for them. stick to the law.

as for refreshments thats up to the organiser. i think they r a good idea but u may not.

ne way thats all i have to say about throwing a big rave. if ne1 is near county durham or crook cum nd check us out. DJ VIPPA nd DJ SWIRVE.

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2004

im in the process of putting together a rave here soon, but i still need help getting it all together, if anyone can help me with finding laws and everything to get around, or anything else to make this not suck, lemme know

-- Anonymous, December 24, 2004

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