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Transformer explodes, cutting power to 1,200 customers By David Morrill The Desert Sun August 23, 2000

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PALM SPRINGS -- Three loud explosions from within an apartment complex darkened the homes and businesses of more than 1,200 customers Tuesday about 5:20 p.m.

Within an hour, most of the customers had their power restored, but about 200 residents of a nearby apartment complex were expected to remain in the dark most of the night.

The Palm Springs Fire Department responded to the Sunrise Terrace Apartments at 311 Sunrise Way. When they arrived, they discovered a transformer had exploded, causing telephone wires to be charred and creating several holes in the laundry room.

It was just boom, boom, boom, really loud, resident Jim Robbins said. We were just like God all mighty, what happened this time? 

Several nearby businesses, including Ralphs grocery store, had to temporarily close because of the power outage.

Also, temporary stop signs had to be placed at the intersection of Ramon Road and Sunrise Way where the traffic signals went out.

Right now we are unsure exactly how the this happened, Southern California Edison spokeswoman Mary Drury said Tuesday night.

At 9:30 p.m., representatives from the American Red Cross went door-to-door at the apartment complex and offered assistance, supplies and possible shelter at a nearby site for residents.

What Im concerned about is that there is a lot of older people that live here, and there are no backup lights so the hallways and stairwells get really dark, said resident Michele Rousseau.

-- PHO (, August 23, 2000

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