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Does anyone have a banjo that they'd like to get rid of? I homeschool and my 3 children would like to play instruments. I just got a guitar and some music. It would be fun to play together especially when the cold gets here. Thank you guys. Kathy

-- kathy baker (, August 23, 2000



Check out your local pawn shop.

-- Mona (, August 24, 2000.

Hey Kath! Some info on banjers. First thing to decide is whether to get a 4 or 5 stringer. Big difference to how they're played as well as the notes etc. The 4 is a shorter neck and played as stummin it. The 5 string is a longer neck with the 5th string down 5 frets on the left hand side of the neck. The 5th string is not noted just plucked with the thumb. The 5 string'r is not strummed but picked with a thumb pick and two finger picks. "Rolls" or "pikin patterns" are used on this instrument. Earl Scruggs made this "3 finger pick" world famous. Talk to somebody that plays a banjer and ask questions. If you don't know anybody then talk to music store people. If you're still not sure take the child to some music festivals to hear first hand. Don't know where you live but bluegrass festivals are nationwide in the summer. Bunches of banjer pickers there. You also won't find any 4 string players at those festivals. Personally, I hate hearin a banjer played like the 4 stringer. Banjers WERE MADE TO PICK! Well, in my opinion anyhow. hahaha. Don't buy the cheapest instrument on the market. Nobody can get too enthused if the blasted thing dont note right or sounds like a "thump". Necks need to be checked to see if they're warped etc. Also if you buy a cheapie and later want to sell it--it's hard to give'm away. I finally found one that is unsurpassed in sound and ease of playin. Mine is an ODE Model C [chrome finish] in the 5 sting blugrass model. I bought mine from Elderly Instruments at E. Lansing MI. in 85 for $475. Best deal I've ever got! Been offered several thousand but don't wanna sell it. Elderly has a website. For big bucks check out OME banjers in boulder colorado who also has a website. The man who makes them made the ODE before sellin it out. Cheaper models would probably be imported from Korea or someother place. The necks are thick and hard to note and I'd stay away from those. Gibson had some made in Korea for several years. If I can help you out with anything about'm email me. "Nuthin like the "crack" of a 5 string'r a echo'n throgh the big trees, on a warm night, playin Southern Gospel or Bluegrass Gospel". Don't get any better'n this!!!! Matt. 24:44

-- hoot (, August 26, 2000.

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