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Experts of Murmansk meteorological station say there
had been a slight rise in radioactivity on the Barents Sea
coastline Reuters newws agency reported. However,
experts added that fluctuations are a common
phenomena and cannot be linked to the sinking if the
nuclear-powered Kursk submarine.

. . .

Aleksandr Nikitin, the environmentalist and Russian
navy captain accused of espionage by Russian security
services, said that sea water will penetrate the reactors
within 45 days.

However, another experienced Russian navy officer,
captain Igor Kudrin, said that the reactors do not
represent any immediate danger, NTV reported. Kudrin
said that more than 50 nuclear reactors are presently
laying on the ocean seabed, :-' and they do not represent
environmental threats.


Leapin' lizards Batman!

-- spider (, August 23, 2000


Neither Russia nor Norway have reported any
increase in radiation.

Tampa Bay Online

Guess they didn't talk to the experts at

-- spider (, August 25, 2000.

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