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Since the Democratic National Convention last week, Vice President Al Gore received a post Democratic convention bump, putting him ahead in the Washington Post - ABC poll, and even in the CBS and CNN - Gallup polls:

Washington Post - ABC

Gore pre-convention: 43%-----post-convention: 50%

Bush pre-convention: 52%-----post-convention: 45%

CBS News

Gore pre-convention: 35%-----post-convention: 45%

Bush pre-convention: 50%-----post-convention: 44%

CNN - Gallup

Gore pre-convention: 39%-----post-convention: 47%

Bush pre-convention: 55%-----post convention: 46%

The convention also warmed up women and minority voters, who had been unexpectedly cool with Gore before the convention. According to the Washington Post - ABC poll, as of August 22, 2000, Gore had attracted 56% of women voters, while Bush had 51% of the male vote. Support for Gore from women voters registered as Independents grew significantly after the Democratic convention.

-- Debra (, August 23, 2000


which candidate--lies--the--least????

-- al-d. (, August 23, 2000.

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