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Debbie is on the way, and many more to follow. The store shelves are already emptying. I'll pay that moron twice what he paid for some food that will get all us seniors down here through this season.

-- little old lady (, August 23, 2000


Time warp? Naw, just vintage preper bashing.

Not many LOL's left trying for an LOL.

Say LOL, is LOL just an LOL on LOL or are U reallly LOL LOLing?

-- Carlos (, August 23, 2000.

Well, does somebody have his phone number, or are you all just babbling fools like this Carlos fellow? Please, Debby is coming fast!

-- lady (, August 23, 2000.

My most honest appoligies.

Completely misread the poster.

You folks in Debbie's way have my prayers.

-- Carlos (, August 23, 2000.

Emergency Food and Water Supplies

-- (always@be.prepared), August 23, 2000.

Here is the article from the archives. CPR cut off the phone number, plus the original article is no longer online, but if Gary isn't in the Tampa Phone book, give Jim Sloan at the Trib a call.

------------------------------------- Big blow coming? Y2K food stash up for bids JIM SLOAN of The Tampa Tribune

Gary Britt of Plant City and five friends were ready for anything Y2K might bring. With the non-event behind him, Britt has 30 one-year boxes of dehydrated survival food ? with a shelf life of 10 years ? up for sale. VICTOR JUNCO/Tribune photo Gary Britt was ready for the Y2K meltdown. Boy, was he ready. Fearing the worst, Britt and five friends bought $35,000 worth of dehydrated survival food off the Internet.

Four hundred cases. Six No. 10 cans to a case. Enough to keep a family of four in freeze-dried heaven for seven years - or one person for 30 years.

But, when Jan. 1, 2000, came and the lights didn't go out, his friends gave the 45-year-old Elvis impersonator and sign store owner from Plant City a new job.

Food salesman.

``FOOD, survival,'' Britt's eye-catching classified advertisement reads. ``30 1-year units. 10 year shelf life. Price negotiable.''

It could be a tough sell. No beef Wellington with escargot and chocolate souffle on the menu here. Think dehydrated - broccoli, fruit and fruit drinks, powdered butter, corn, peas. Just add water and dig in.

Britt figures a month, two tops, and it'll all be sold.

``This is hurricane country,'' he says with a smile. ``If there was a hurricane, this product would go overnight.''

Britt said he and the other families are not stocking up because they are hard-core survivalists, ready to hunker down with assault rifles to defend their freeze-dried apricots from the hungry Y2K hordes.

``We were very nervous'' about a worldwide computer shutdown, he conceded. ``Is there anybody you know who didn't check out their computer? If they weren't worried about it, why would they do that?''

``We just took the next step.''

The food cost each family about $6,000, Britt said, enough for themselves plus friends and relatives.

``We felt like that wouldn't sink anybody,'' he said. ``It wasn't like we wanted to start the world over or anything. We thought it would be enough to help out our family and friends.''

When the new millennium arrived without Armageddon, Britt was ``very relieved.'' But, even with a 10-year shelf life, he knew there was no way he was going to eat all that food.

Figuring it would be easier to sell through one source, the six families stacked up the goodies in a shed at Britt's sprawling rural home off Knights-Griffin Road.

``I got the role of selling it because I'm a good salesperson,'' Britt said - ``or more likely, because I agreed to do it.''

He hopes to recoup at least 75 percent of the families' investment. So far, he's gotten four inquiries, ``one serious.'' But he's been out of town, competing as an Elvis impersonator at the Collingwood Elvis Festival in Collingwood, Ontario.

Britt has long crooned The King's songs, but he got serious about impersonating Elvis last month after encouragement from other competitors. Sunday, he heads to ``Images of Elvis 2000,'' a weeklong celebration in Memphis marking the singer's death.

But if you're interested in survival, leave a message and he'll get back to you. Although one item may be in short supply.

``The granola-blueberry cereal is awesome,'' he said. ``My wife has been eating it for breakfast.''

-- (, August 23, 2000.

Cpr cut off the phone number? Oh my God, we seniors cannot drive and all the local stores are running out of items. We may starve to death because of that idiot Cpr.

-- lady senior (old@and.helpless), August 23, 2000.

"Debbie is on the way, and many more to follow. The store shelves are already emptying. I'll pay that moron twice what he paid for some food that will get all us seniors down here through this season."

Pardon me for pointing out the obvious so bluntly, Lil' ol' lady, but it seems here that is you who's the idiot and moron.

The Elvis impersonator in FL still has his food and water, and you who apparently were aware of Y2K and reading these forums urging you to prepare for ANYTHING, are apparently scrambling for water and food a mere 2 days before Debbie hits.

Living in hurricane country without the basic emergency plan of water, shelter and food is moronic.

If you're not a troll, then you shouldn't be on the internet calling others morons. If you're a troll, well, enjoy yourself.

-- (, August 23, 2000.

I believe that there's some trolling going on here, but my sympathies do go out to the seniors who have trouble getting around and who, due to their medications, might have trouble planning ahead: my elderly grandmother often didn't know what day it was, let alone the season, and it was fortunate that my cousin was there to keep track of the incoming storms.

-- (, August 23, 2000.

I'm with you kb8, I feel sorry for anyone disabled living in Miami right now (heck! anyone living in Miami.) But you've got to admit that if this Lil ol' fisty lady can log on the internet and scream at us to get her a phone number, she's lost a screw or two, but not her marbles. So definitely a troll.

BTW, isn't Uncle Deedah in Florida? Hope he still has his stash of water to reconstitute his dehydrated beer preps...

Are you in Debbie's path Unk? Unk?... You there? ...

-- (, August 23, 2000.

Were not, these the same people who called the prepares, morons? I had to evacuate due to Floyd. I drove cross state, no inn vacancy in sight, they were all booked. I had water, food, and a wind up solar radio, which brought me news. I was blessed, while others sat in oblivion. Guess the refugee situation in any country, at any given time, did not enter their sphere of thought.

-- Your Nickle (, August 23, 2000.

LOL! You guys are pretty dim, you just don't get it! I posted this because it was the Creepy Ceeper who called the guy a moron. In reality, the guy is not anywhere near as much of a moron as Creeper is. There will be people in need of food during such emergencies, it never hurts to be prepared.

-- little old lady (, August 24, 2000.

honey chile, with whats comin on this world==preps make-sense!!

you ain't seen nuthin--yet!! there may be some lull's in the storm-- but oh-baby!!----go ahead=mock---til the next--shock!!

-- al-d. (, August 24, 2000.

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