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Has anyone else experienced backfires? After hard acceleration (up to 10-12K rpm) during engine de-acceleration, at around 5k rpm I am experiencing a sporadic backfire. I have not noticed any loss of engine performance. I'm concerned that repeated backfires might lead to engine intake/exhaust damage.

-- Mark Moeller (, August 22, 2000


I was getting that. I had an appointment to get that looked into along with the stalling problem I was experiencing. However, the motor seized before the appointment. The MV factory is closed right now so I don't know what they will do to repair the bike, fresh motor or rebuild. I'm riding a loaner Raptor, which is surprisingly fun.


-- Michael Manning (, August 23, 2000.

My bike backfires when de-accelerating at 3k, even though I've got only 400km, I called my dealer, he told me its most likely running rich, and he will fix it at the first service.. Keep me posted with your bike, and what your dealer do with it. Take care.

-- Khalid (, September 03, 2000.

yes i,ve got this problem i thought it was fuel but no such luck i also asked dealer on its first outing he also had heard of it but passed it off as running in as far as i know fuel injected bikes shouldn,t run this way the backfiring happens as low as 2000rpm dont wait to see if it goes away backfiring is a problem and shouldnt exist period .....

-- michael phillips (, October 08, 2000.

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